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And so were you - 10 things I think


1. I’m supremely happy that Agent Carter is renewed for a second season. Television is still severely lacking in strong, female character-driven programs, so a show saved is very good news indeed. I reckon an eight episode run in between the two half seasons of Agents of SHIELD - as the first season of Agent Carter did - will be just fine.

2. After only 20K miles on the STI, it was time for some brand new tires. When you’ve got extreme performance summer rubber, my god do they wear out quickly. However, it was the perfect opportunity for me to finally sample a set of the sublime Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire. After only a few days of daily driving on them, I’m already infatuated with them. There’s just so much grip on offer, and as a bonus, rides better and quieter than the stock Dunlops as well.

3. I think the penalty Tom Brady and the Patriots got is quite harsh. Sure, he technically cheated, and deserved to be punished, but a four game suspension? A million dollar fine and a first-round pick docked for the team? The league absolutely put down the proverbial hammer, and it simply isn’t fair in my opinion. I highly doubt a slightly deflated ball has significantly affected the outcome of any Patriots game.  

4. Baffling as to why anybody on this side of the pond would give an ounce of care on the outcome of the United Kingdom general elections. It doesn’t affect any of us over here! On that same tangent, who gives a crap about a newborn royal baby? Haven’t you people got better things to worry about?  

5. I’m giddy as a schoolgirl over the announcement that the third Avengers movie will be shot entirely in IMAX, a format which I am a huge fan of. I’d gladly pay the extra bit of money to watch a movie shot in 70mm film: the previous five Christopher Nolan pictures, for example.

Obviously, it’s incredibly fortunate that there’s an IMAX theatre right here in San Francisco.

6. You really take for granted having a reliable car that doesn’t cost a ton of money to operate. I’ve got a student coworker who can’t yet afford such luxury, and the used car he’s bought has been giving him constant headaches (and attacks on the wallet). The constant barrage of a few hundred dollars here and there really takes a toll, especially for someone who can’t exactly afford it.

It’s definitely a privilege that I can drop $900 on a new set of tires and not bat an eye. Humbling, is what it is.

7. This recent celebration of “Dad Bod” in the media is an affront and sexist towards females. Let’s call Dad Bod exactly what it is: FAT. Why are women held to a skinny ideal while men get a pass?

8. This is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t blindly follow an ideology/political party: http://gawker.com/man-who-would-rather-go-blind-than-get-obamacare-now-go-1704019495

9. The two-hour Agents of SHIELD finale was fantastic. It was funny to see that even Coulson wasn’t immune to the Phase 2 traditional of having someone’s hand chopped off (an homage to Star Wars Episode 5). With SHIELD reunited under one roof, and Hydra largely eliminated (save Grant Ward and a few scraps), it’ll be interesting to see what sort of big bad enemy the writers will serve up for season three. I can’t wait.

10. I really hope the departed Top Gear trio of Clarkson, Hammond, and May ends up doing a show with Netflix. Not simply because it would be awesome to binge watch a season instead of waiting a week between shows, but the lack of adverts on Netflix allows the three absolute creative freedom, just as they’ve had at government-backed BBC. The ability to criticize and dress-down a particularly awful vehicle, without the fear of backlash from the respective manufacturer, is something I greatly admired about Top Gear, and in my opinion, absolutely integral to whatever new show the trio decides to do.