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Compass you'd be north - random thoughts

Welcome to another Thursday edition of my wonderfully wonderful tumblr blog. As I am typing right now the voice in my head is in an English accent because I have just finished watching a piece that was made in the UK. Through the years with all the Formula 1 coverage and Top Gear episodes, my inner voice has a tendency to convert to the British accent whenever I am amongst programming (or for that matter people) that emanates it.

Nonetheless, for the past few weeks I have stuck to a Monday - Thursday blog schedule, and I feel like the spacing works out perfectly for me because I do not have the time to write any more often than that. Anyways as far as format goes I think for the Thursday post I will stick with the random thoughts theme, and the post on Mondays will be centered around one big topic (next Monday's post will probably be about Japan again). Anyways, let's begin. 

Today is St Patrick's day, and also the first day of the tournament. If I was not in school and busy with the equivalent of a full time job, I would have just taken the day off and gotten drunk and watch tons of basketball from morning until the evening. But of course my immediately obligations to graduation and getting out of debt precluded me from making that choice. Thus I am stuck at some form of work or school from 9:30am this morning until 10:30pm tonight (13 hours of pure unadulterated fun I might say). So not only is there no alcohol for me (not a good idea actually since I have another full 8 hours of work/internship tomorrow) today, I cannot even watch basketball to see how fast my brackets crumble (damn you Morehead State!). Though I must say thanks to the NCAA iPad app, today's lone three hour class was went very smooth indeed.

Oh and I hate how conservatives complain about Obama having the time to fill out a bracket, amidst all the tragedy and tumult around the globe and on the home front (budget? no?). Give the guy a break. He is human after all, and a male at that. March Madness is the best month in the entire year of sports (unless your hometown team won it all and became the World Fucking Champions). Even presidents needs to kick back and enjoy life a little (unless you're Richard Chaney)  

You know how they caution people to not text and drive (wait, I have just receive word that it is indeed illegal in California), well I say people should not text and walk either. As I was walking from my parked car towards class today, this was the scene that played out: 1. Girl walking out of the door, texting on her cellphone. 2. Girl meets the ultimate monumental challenge - three flights of stairs down. 3. Girl trips on the first step. 4. Phone leaves girl. 5. Phone implodes on the pavement. 6. Profit?

Lesson is, unless you are a budding comedian, or have a very robust insurance plan for your undoubtedly very expensive smart phone, please hesitate to text and walk at the same time. Put the phone away and enjoy the scenery, look at hot girls or guys - you know, the reason your ocular abilities have evolved as such. Staring at a three inch screen while in motion is not what our caveman ancestors did.

I have been massively living unhealthily since starting work at my internship. Today is already Thursday of the week and I have only worked out once this week. Not only that with the internship place being at an industrial park at Oyster Point, the only food option of choice is either a diner, taco truck, or the nearby Costco (though extremely cheap). Not exactly the most healthy of choices. I would bring my own packed sandwich but I don't have the time in the morning, and I have enough stuff to carry as is since I have to lug all my photography and mobile computing equipment to the internship. Plus this weekend I am pretty much going to be out all the time so I think from now until graduation my traditional healthy lifestyle will be taking a significant hit. To be young again with a raging metabolism (8 slices of pizza like it was nothing).

An old co worker of mine, and a good friend, have been trying to get a radio gig for awhile now, since that was what he studied for career goal is. As you may all know the job market is still in the tank, and I guess the broadcasting industry is no exception. My advice to him was to just keep putting out work, make your own podcast, and upload them online. Because even if you think no one is listening to noticing it, someone out there is. The reason to do it is basically build up your experience and portfolio (no to mention, it was his passion), so in the case you do get a job interview, that resume will look very shiny.

Recently this friend swung by my work to say hi, and turns out he got a successful interview with a radio station in LA. The funny thing was, the interviewer said that the company already knew about him from listening to all the podcasts and radio shows he have been putting out! The lesson is this: never stop working on your art. Keep putting out stuff because someday someone will notice it and the hope is you will get your reward in the end. I am indeed very happy for my friend.

Gives me tremendous resolve and inspiration to continue to work on my digital photography, blog, and flickr. Even if nobody reads them, I genuinely enjoy doing it. And that, as Mastercard so eloquently puts it, is priceless. 

So everybody knows I am a big proponent of Apple's Mac computer line. I use it for everything, including editing and publishing my photos. Naturally I bring my Macbook along with me to my internship so I can do on the fly editing (not ideal, since the dinky 13 inch screen pales in comparison to my 30 inch at home, not to mention not nearly as color correct). My internship place uses Windows PC, and I must say unintentionally I am influencing them to the power and simplicity of mac. What can I say, as a creative type the mac is the de facto platform to do that kind of stuff on. PC may have the same program, but they are just not as intuitive as they are on the mac. Not to mention, windows has one fatal flaw - font handling. Every notice fonts (even of the same one) looks vastly superior on the mac system? Windows handles font in a terrible way, and if you are a graphic artist doing signs and things, that is just not going to work.

And to quote my boss: "The next Macbook Pro I see I am going to steal it"

Thanks to the honorable George W. Bush, the start of daylights savings time since couple of years ago have been push forward a couple of weeks. While I do enjoy the idea of having more of the sun's time (I mean today at 6pm it was not dark yet!), anybody will tell you springing forward just messes up your body. Its like a self induced Jet lag, without the travel to exotic locales. Body clock and habits takes a while to change, and you feel like you just never get the same sleep you did before the change, even if the hours are the same. These days I am so tired at the end of the day I just crash straight to deep sleep, and I wake up extra tired in the morning because body clock still feels like it is waking up one hour too early. I am contemplating moving back to the mother land where clocks stays put (or, be an iPhone user).

Oh and I how can I forget about that UCLA chick's rant about Asians in the library. Perhaps I am on the mellower side of the political correctness scale, but I kind of found it funny? In the face of such blatant ignorance, one can only laugh and have pity on the girl. Besides, like many responses have point out, some of the stuff she say is true anyways. Sure she made fun of how the Chinese language has so many words that ends with "ing", but heck the Chinese been using that technique to identify other Asian ethnicities for a long time (Japanese - lots of sentences ending in  "ka", Korean sentences with "yo"). Is she wrong? Of course! Should she be persecuted like she has? I don't think so. Lighten up, laugh, shake your head, and move on. Thought I must give props to all the Youtubers out there that have the comedic mind to respond in a hilarious and responsible manner. Best thing to come out of all this? The girl has learned a good lesson, and will never do it again. Is that not the true American value?

Random thoughts have stopped for now. Have a good weekend.