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D minus eight - random thoughts

Only eight more days until my graduation ceremony. Eight more days until the first day of the rest of my life. Yesterday was the final day where I have something academically due for class. I am a free man - the burden of academia is finally over after 18 long years (oh hello there grad school, not yet please). So you can say I DONE, but I am hesitant to say I am DONE (no tweets, no nothing), because no it has not hit me that I am done yet (the fact that next week is the ACTUAL finals week and I still have work on campus probably contribute to it). Though I guess I am getting to a point where it is hitting me little by litte (I slept REALLY well last night, and waking up without academic obligations was damn nice). 

At least my body is telling me it is over. How nice of it to wait until my final projects were turned in to hit me with a throat infection (actually it started on Tuesday as I was knee deep in trying to complete my last projects - how wonderful). But man today it was the mother load - I slept really well, but woke up feeling more crappy than the previous day. Felt like my throat was on fire. But hey if there is a good time to get sick, now is the perfect time is it not? I guess two straight months of 11 hour work/school days and a full academic workload finally taken its toll on me (no she did not say goodbye). You know what, it is okay, because on the bright side if I was not as healthily living as I was, I would probably be getting more than a throat infection.

Major congratulations to myself and my 25 other classmates for finally finishing the grueling two years of the entrepreneurship program at SF State. The amount of apathy that was in class yesterday was absolutely hilarious. Everybody basically busted tail for the past four days to finish the final three major projects, so everybody was dead tired in class. Whatever the professor was (still!?) teaching during class just completely went over our heads. Can you blame us? We just turned in our last projects - we are DONE. Nothing we could have done yesterday would otherwise prevent us from graduating. Quite frankly I don't know how some of us stayed awake haha. Of course the professor could care less - as far as she is concern the learning never stops (and she would be right).

Anyways I was incredibility disappointed I did not get celebrate with the class for drinks after class ended due to the fact that I had work on campus. But hey I am going to be unemployed in a week so I need all the money I can get right now. Besides the grand celebration is only eight days away haha (cake and champagne!).

It may have been a tough week workload wise, but the Giants winning six in a row certainly help me pull through. I think it is about time the team go a on a run like this, and the fact it is doing it the Giant's way is just incredible (winning by one run, not scoring more than four runs a day, torture torture torture). Now that I am done with the burden of school, time to go to more live games! Not to mention I have yet to see a live game where the Giants have won so my goal is to un-jinx myself really soon (so when is Washington in town?). Anyways, wait until the Panda comes back form his injury (he was raking before he got injured) and the team will only continue to improve and stay atop the NL West as they should. Though I like how everybody is avoiding the Zito situation not that Vogelsong is pitching so well (Bochy practically brush Zito off by saying couple of days ago that he is still three to four weeks day and will need to build arm strength before he can return).

So I wonder what I should I do for finals week. Well I still have internship to go to. I am practically done with my product photography assignments, now I am taking over managing the company media, which is very exciting for me. Managing the blog, flickr, Facebook page, and twitter will give me experience into managing those of my own. Besides I am an introvert, so me making sales calls will hardly be effective (entrepreneurship Professor said hiring an introvert to sales is a royal waste of money and time). I think the web is that perfect wall and filer between myself and others so that I can be more natural (why do you think I blog? lol).

But for sure what I will be doing is purging my room of the clutter that have accumulated over the past couple of months (I know, impossible!). Probably going to junk anything and everything that has to do with college (accept for the stuff that has to do with entrepreneurship, because you know, kind of important). 

The thing I am looking forward to next week though, is watch all the TV shows I have yet to watch do to all the busy. It will be mini marathons after mini marathons. I've always love end of semester TV marathons - there is no TV experience like it.

Oh yeah - SLEEP!