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English breakfast - 10 things I think


1. Mark Manson's recent article, titled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, is required reading. 

2. Seattle did not win the NFC Championship, but rather, Green Bay lost it - completely. With the widest of eyes I watched the last five minutes of the game, absolutely stunned by the ridiculousness unfolding on my television screen. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we've found our new international symbol for choking: the Green Bay Packers. 

3. With both Harbaugh and Fangio ousted from the team, I think there's a strong possibility the San Francisco 49ers will return to the sort of shackled mediocrity that plagued them in the early 2000s. Coaches make a difference - just look at the current Golden State Warriors - and the Niners got rid of two of the best in the game. 

4. It took half the season, but I reckon Colin Jost and Michael Che have finally hit their stride doing Weekend Update for SNL. Lorne is no fool, after all. On a side note, Aidy Bryant is absolutely killing it this season. 

5. I don't understand the outrage behind the Oscar nominations being almost completely white. Isn't it equally as racist to demand that actors and movie-makers of color get nominations - just because? 12 Years a Slave won a well-deserved Best Picture last year; how do the complainers explain that

6. Marc Andreessen's tweet summed up best my feeling towards the State of the Union address: 

It's that time of the year again, for the President to propose new laws that have absolutely no prayer of passing.

— Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) January 18, 2015

7. One bite of Burger King's chicken nuggets will reveal to you exactly while you can purchase 10 of them for $1.49. I much rather pay the extra bit for McDonald's version. 

8. I 'd be so lucky to have a girlfriend whom is a trained assassin. That would be so incredibly awesome and not at all frightening. 

9. How are mail-in-rebates still a thing? I thought we got rid of those when the calendar turned to the year 2000. I can't even remember the last time I mailed something via the post office that's not a package.

10. Full kudos to Ford for having the balls to produce another generation of the GT halo car. The commoners need to understand that these sort of high-dollar low-volume super sports cars are not big money-makers - if at all - for auto manufacturers. Therefore, whenever products like a Ford GT comes to fruition, it's a definite win for the engineers over the accountants. 

I'll overlook the fact the new GT looks like a 458 Italia and a LaFerrari had a love-child together.