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Happiness - 10 things I think

Last week was quite terrible for the stock market, as the gains I've earned in my investment portfolio this year almost completely withered away. Of course, it shouldn't matter at all because investments are not meant to be touched in the short term, and more likely than not the stock market will steadily keep growing over many years. It's simply too much fun to keep an eye on the daily fluctuations, especially when the market is up. 

I was stunned to learn from my parents that they really never kept a budget. They simply spent their income on the necessities and saved what was leftover. They've got zero inclination on how much they are spending on a monthly basis. How they ended up saving so much money over the years is baffling to me.

In contrast, I keep rigorous records of my spending and I make sure I save before I spend each month. This method ensures that I don't go around and blow my entire paycheck - because I totally would. I truly admire my parent's tenacity and a sort of innate ability to not overspend each month, without so much as a piece of paper and a calculator. Our generation is spoiled rotten with myriad of tools for us to be fiscally responsible and yet so few of us actually do it. 


1. I'm surprised no one has yet did a parody of that Chris Brown song "Loyal". An intrepid female Youtube personality should do a rebuttal version that centers around the line "These bros ain't loyal.

2. Oakland A's GM Billy Beane is a genius. Crazy, but a genius. It's still shocking to me how he could trade one of his marquee (all) stars on his championship-favorite team simply to improve the already stellar pitching staff. Why hasn't the likes of the Yankees or Dodgers lured him away from the East Bay is befuddling. 

3. I didn't get the hype with "Sharknado 2". My twitter feed was entirely useless during its airing. I had no idea it was so culturally crucial to the people i follow. And for the record, the people I follow aren't exactly of the unintelligent mass. 

4. I'd punch you in the face too if my ex-wife is Miranda Kerr and you slept with her while she and I were still married. Good on you, Orlando Bloom. You don't fuck with Legolas and get away with it. 

5. The bursted water main that flooded much of UCLA wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact California is in the worse drought of our lifetimes. Terrible timing, Moore's law. 

6. What an absolutely horrendous injury Paul George suffered. I couldn't stomach watching the video; the still photographs were terrifying enough. All the best wishes to his quick and full recovery. 

7. The first car at a stoplight has an almost fiduciary responsibility to be alert and go at the first turn of green. Being lethargic here can cost quite a few cars to have to wait for the next light. That's simply not awesome. 

8. 49ers' brand spanking new Levi's Stadium reportedly has got the same traffic and congestion issues that was the hallmark of the old Candlestick. And I thought the entire point of the new facility (other than being able to sell more tickets at a higher price) was to alleviate the usual nightmare involved with actually getting to the stadium. 

9. The problem with having a full can of Altoids is that you absolutely cannot stop eating them. They are indeed the Pringles of the breath-mint world. 

10. Whoever is in charge over at LAY'S potato chips need to stop putting out those fan-suggested specialty flavors. Potato chips should never taste like a cappuccino; ever.