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I can't stop saying bro, bro - 10 things I think


1. Yesterday was an absolutely glorious day for automotive enthusiasts: Ford announced the much anticipated Focus RS all-wheel drive monster, Porsche announced the long-rumored and much pined-for Cayman GT4 purist masterpiece, and Ferrari announced the 488GTB, the successor to the critically acclaimed 458 Italia. 

The frequent murmurs of performances automobiles having already had its golden-era can finally be put to rest. My god it's a great time to be a petrol-head. 

2. Formula 1 kicked off the 2015 season with preseason testing in Jerez, and to be honest my interest for the 2015 campaign is not all that great. The formula hasn't really changed much from the previous season, so suffice to say, it'll be the two Mercedes works drivers battling for the championship. 

Still, it's infinitely better than just one guy winning everything.

3. It's still hard to fathom just why on earth did Seattle not run the ball at the closing moments of the Super Bowl. I and everybody thought for sure they were going to punch it in once they got down to the New England one-yard line. When you have arguably the most physical running-back in the game, it's monumentally inane to put the ball in the air and count on your mediocre-at-best receivers. Marshawn Lynch could've simply fell forward and would've gotten that single yard. 

And I'm far from being a fan of Seattle.

4. The media reports over the return of measles due to parents not vaccinating their children is incredibly maddening. I strongly believe parents should have the freedom to make decisions for their children, but when said decisions have negative effects towards the general population (or endangers the child), then governments have a civic duty to put a stop to it. 

Don't want to vaccinate your child? Fine; said child should not be allowed outside in public.

5. Word on the street is the San Francisco Giants will introduce yet another alternate jersey for the 2015 season. I so hope it's the all-black one from the early naughts, but I'm not holding my breath. My money is ready if and when you do, Giants. 

6. I really want make it to Le Mans 24 hours race within the next few years. The LMP1 class is getting very competitive and exciting indeed. Nissan's new front-engine, front-wheel drive LMP1 challenger is an absolute stunner considering all other LMP1 cars are mid-engine, rear driven. Innovative technology and engineering is why I love and watch motor racing so much. 

7. Missy Elliot was the lone bright spot in the Super Bowl half-time show, and she simply killed it. When the beat dropped to "Get UR Freak On", it was straight gully from then until she bowed out from the stage. Kids these days don't know nothing about that good music from the early naughts.

8. It'd be perfect if the _Celebrity Jeopardy _skit makes a return during SNL's 40th anniversary show on the 15th of this month. Will Ferrell is scheduled to appear, and Darrell Hammond is already the show's announcer; the timing is ripe. I simply need to have Hammond's Connery tell Ferrell's Trebek he'd just fornicated with his mother. 

9. The entitlement mentality most certainly isn't just a psychological disease exclusive to millennials. As I've recently encountered, people of all age brackets are afflicted with the progressive disorder. I simply cannot stand people who refuses to take any personal responsibility. 

10. That Carls Jr. super bowl advertisement featuring the gorgeous Charlotte McKinney is everything.