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Like heaven's eyes - 10 things I think


1. Giants are in the World Series. Again. Again! I'm obviously extremely happy as a long-time fan, but wow: the sort of success the team has been experiencing these past few years can only be described as unimaginable. Spoiled. Absolutely spoiled. It's important to be mindful just how lucky we are to see all of this - because it may never happen again. Go ahead, ask the Cubs about World Series. 

2. I bought a brand new Mac Mini to replace my aging Macbook Pro. Cannot wait for the unit to arrive to start doing stuff on it. It's nothing I couldn't have done previously, it'll simply be much, much faster. 

3. Why isn't there a Nike Men's Half Marathon? I'd be so up on that. 

4. I've discovered the "basic" white girl uniform: sweater or hoodie for the top, black leggings, and boots of some sort to round off the package. This past weekend I was at Great America for the Halloween Haunt event, and white girls in that particular garb was absolutely everywhere. 

5. The Penguin character in the Gotham television show is a revelation. I find myself looking forward to his scenes more so than any other. The actor completely pulls off teetering between trustworthiness and pure evil. 

On the other hand, the writers haven't done as good a job with the Riddler character. I hope there's more development further down this initial season. 

6. Two years into the ownership of my STI and the car barely turned 16,000 miles driven. With the recent downturn in petrol prices, I think it's high time to remedy the situation. Somewhat. I'm not made of money, you know. 

7. I'm not sure why Motor Trend is even bothering to test any other trucks for their annual Truck of the Year awards. Everybody in the industry knows the new Ford F150 will take home the golden calipers. Of the car magazine's three industry trophies, I think the one for trucks is the most worthless.

8. The Safari browser in the new OS X Yosemite operating system is actually quite good and faster than its contemporaries, but I'm so invested in Chrome with my google account that it's hard for me migrate back to it. Caught between Google and Apple: sounds oddly familiar, doesn't it? 

9. Use money for experiences, not material processions. 

10. This: