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Love is love - 10 things I think


1. How serendipitous and fitting that the United States Supreme Court effectively legalized same-sex marriage across the nation the same week the annual Pride celebrations are happening. It must’ve have been a raucously good time this past weekend at the respective parties and parades. It’s very well deserved, too.

I think even the most optimistic of us would say that we’d never thought the day love ultimately prevails would come so soon, but damn was it such a moment. It was especially fun turning to Fox News after the ruling was handed down to watch conservative squirm and yell at the clouds in resounding defeat. Religious freedom? You’ve still got it, my fellow Americans. Gay people marrying aren’t going to all of the sudden corrupt whatever’s going on inside your Church. As for what you call “traditional marriage” and “core family”, please explain to me the national divorce rate.

2. Apple Music launched yesterday, and I’m in love with it thus far. I most enjoy the ability to cue up my own music library right on the phone (a function I use often in iTunes on the Mac), letting me interject the playlist with a new song without disturbing the rest of the list. I can also now see the once shuffled song list, and can rearrange the track order to my liking. Cuing up a set of songs for my weekly runs is going to be much easier and more enjoyable.

The brand new, 24-hours live BEATS1 radio station has supplanted my go-to Pandora station as the in-car music of choice. Apple is brilliant in bringing back the human element to Internet radio, something I did not realize I missed until I fired up BEATS1 yesterday evening. I can’t wait to try the Apple Music playlists that are designed by music experts from round the globe. Even the non-curated, algorithmic radio stations have been much better than the previously atrocious effort - I can listen without it turning into a total skip-fest.

3. The Greece debt crisis situation is putting an enormous damper to my international stock holdings. It’s continuously baffling to me how a country that makes up only 2% of the entire Euro Zone output can affect such disastrous consequences if its economy were to fail. Perhaps the UK was smart to keep its pound sterling and not integrate to the Euro currency, because the European Union’s singular monetary device is precisely the reason why the other nations feel impelled to prop up tiny little Greece time and time again.

On a related International fiscal tangent, the Chinese stock market isn’t look so good, either.

4. Donald Trump made some outrageous and highly erroneous comments regarding Mexican immigrants during his campaign announcement, yet it’s incredibly telling that not one single person from the field of GOP presidential candidate hopefuls came out to denounce his statements. Their silence on the matter might as well be the equivalent of a tacit endorsement, which is not exactly surprising given the recent anti-immigration history of the conservative party.

Good to see Univision and NBC Universal take stand against the ignorant Trump in disassociating themselves from the Miss USA pageant, even when its likely not in their greater financial interest to do so. Freedom of speech is only freedom consequence from the Government, Donald.

5. The final Top Gear episode, as known and renowned in its current formula, aired the past Sunday. It was a bittersweet moment indeed for me seeing for the very last time the trio of Clarkson, Hammond, and May on the television screen as Top Gear presenters. Of course, the three will undoubtedly move on to do another motoring show on another medium, but that happy thought doesn’t diminish the melancholy of the occasion at all.

I quite literally grew up on Top Gear. I’ve always had an affinity towards cars, but BBC’s famed motoring show taught me how to love them, and enjoy the automobile for the fun and freedom they represent. The program never fascinated itself too much with numbers and specifications; the endgame is precisely about driving, and how a car makes you feel when doing so. The show’s stunning and awe-inspiring cinematography was the perfect playground to showcase the world’s beautiful locales being made better by the roaring sounds of an automobile.  

This golden-era of Top Gear will be dearly missed.

6. When I do my running exercise on Sundays, I always head to Chipotle afterwards for the post-workout meal. This past weekend, I ran at an earlier time than usual, leading me to discover that Chipotle chains don’t open for business until 11AM. Unfortunate for me, I finished my exercise around 10 AM. First world problem for sure, but I didn’t particularly enjoy having to wait that hour for the local Chipotle to open up. I might need to find another spot to satiate myself after running.

7. Media coverage of the annual “Race to the Clouds” Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has got me extremely excited about my trip there in two weeks’ time. While I won’t have quite the same machinery as I make my very own drive up the famed mountain (a rental Nissan Versa, as it’s projected), I’ll be too busy taking in the spectacular scenery to care. I just hope the weather cooperates and the latter half of Pikes Peak wouldn’t be shut down due to snow, like it did for the hill climb. 

8. John Oliver is on the absolute point, as usual: 


9. The end of Justice Kennedy’s opinion on the same-sex marriage ruling is simply beautiful:


10. This: