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The eternal equinox - 10 things I think

1. You need to watch Emma Watson's beautiful and moving address on gender equality at the United Nations. After that, gentlemen, please put down your pledge at heforshe.org

2. It's fall television premier week, so from here until December I'm just going to be in my pajamas watching shows everyday during the night hours. That is the life indeed. 

3. Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom, which is interesting because America's founding fathers had no idea that seceding from the British empire could be so... civilized. Could have saved us the hassle of a revolutionary war and everything. 

4. Happy autumnal equinox, or more colloquially, the official beginning of fall season. For San Franciscans, however, it's the beginning of our Indian summer. It is as cool as it sounds. After that we go straight to winter. I wish that wasn't the case though, because the change of colors during autumn is one of the loveliest things mother nature does.  

5. Updated my phone to the latest iOS 8 and I absolutely cannot tell the difference. Probably weren't suppose to anyways given that the eight iteration of Apple's mobile operating system is more a polish job than evolutionary overhaul. Thanks for the free stuff though, Apple. 

6. John Oliver will win an Emmy award next year. Book it. I love his program on HBO. 

7. I think it's about time to replace my five year old Macbook Pro with something just a bit faster. It still works, obviously, but editing photographs on it recently have gotten too stuttering to a point of distraction. It's been a valiant machine, my circa 2009 Macbook Pro, time to give it a proper rest. 

8. You can't change a person, but if that person wants to, he/she will change because of you. 

9. All my support to those in New York City marching and fighting for action on climate change. Good on all of you. I believe climate change is the issue of our generation, and it transcends all borders. Remember: we've only got but one planet. 

10. This: