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Up & down - random thoughts

Can't say that did not suck. I was at the ballpark last night for Giants versus the Marlins when Buster Posey got pulverized by that other guy at home plate and is now going to be out for a at least a couple of months with a broken lower leg and a completely busted (no pun) ankle. Arguably the best player on the Giants, losing Posey for an extended period of time absolutely sucked all the positive energy out of the team and the Giants fan base. Today was overall depressing and a drag, not only because the news of Posey, but the Giants also lost today as well and got swept by the Marlins (guess the team was feeling the same).

It completely overshadowed what was an epic ninth inning comeback in last night's game when the Giants rallied for four (FOUR!) runs to tie the game. I mean the Giants have trouble scoring four runs a game, much less in one inning. It was a sight to behold, and the TRUE fans that were still left in the stadium got a visual treat. It is moment like that, that makes the game a beautiful one. Fans and players alike live for them. Too bad the moment will not not be soon remembered because of what happened only three innings later.

That being said, the team and the fan base must move on. The Giant's pitching staff is still tops in the majors, and have potential to blank an opponent on any given day. Sure losing Posey will mean not only his bat but also his catching abilities in handling the staff, but I think having Bochy as a former catcher means whoever does replace Posey on a permanent basis (Whiteside or somebody else) will be fine in adapting to handling the staff. If Belt plays to his potential, and Panda returns in two weeks continue his form, the offense for the most part will be fine as well. The team is infinitely better with Posey, but it is at the very least still a very competitive team without him. It is not even June yet, plenty of ball to be played.

So other than that, my first week of post under grad life have been great. Finally got past being sick the past couple of weeks was a welcome sign as I finally get to work out properly again. Though I definitely lost some of my strength because I lost a couple of reps on all my workouts. Anyways, treat your body well because being sick absolutely sucks (accept you sleep really well, only to wake up finding out that you are still sick). 

I have to say, my entrepreneurship graduation ceremony this past Friday was the best. Two years of hard work with the same people culminated in a celebration unlike any other. Of course these type of things are all for the parents, but I think for us the graduates we had a great time as well (free booze did not hurt one bit). My favorite part of the ceremony was when our names got called individually to get recognized and make a small speech. Very interesting to see what my classmates have to say during one of their best moments in their lives (I am surprised our professor had the fortitude to hold back the tears haha). Anyways thanks to the power of media, our class will always have pictures and videos of the ceremony to remember with.

Naturally I skipped the "big" ceremony that happened on the next day. My sympathies to those that sat in the sun for four hours only to see your graduate's name get called. I on the other hand slept in, ate pho for breakfast, and then had a nice stroll in Golden Gate Park and drank tea at the Japanese Tea Garden. Not a bad way to spend the day after grad I think (of course there were alcohol involved the night before). 

And the party continues this weekend! Actually all on Saturday. Got invited to a party to watch a soccer (what the rest of the world would call football) match, which just happens to be the biggest soccer match in Europe every year (the UEFA Champions league final). Unfortunately that soccer here is only big every four years when the World Cup rolls around (it is the only time I get to watch a soccer game on TV here in America. Thank you ESPN). I would be a bigger soccer fan if it actually shows up more on TV. Back when I was still in China soccer was about the only sport there is to watch because it was so big everywhere. Here in America I've grown to adore the game of Baseball and American Football, and have seldom watch a soccer game of any sort. Anyways, I am very excited for some soccer action. It is going to be Manchester United vs. Barcelona. Should be a good match at the very least. Who am I rooting for? Well I am rooting for a good exciting game haha. 

Honestly, this whole post undergrad world is still very strange to me. Until next time.