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Why I do homework at home

So my last semester of undergrad has begun. Yay. I guess. In five short month I will have a degree, be unemployed, and in debt (the American dream?)! Hard to imagine but that will soon be the reality. But perhaps I should concentrate on actually passing the rest of my classes before I make such bold predictions? Like I have said before my concentration within the business major is not a walk in the park by any means (what do you mean I can still get an F?)

SFSU students will notice that the ongoing renovation of the library is still, ongoing. But hey at least it is looking like something. It is too bad I will never get to use it since I will be long gone when they finally do finish the project. Unless of course I also go to state for my graduate studies, which is a high possibility.

But the library still not finished means more time spent once again studying at the giant bubble called the "annex". Though I personally don't see the point of going there to do homework other than meeting up in groups. Even doing group meet ups is a horrible prospect since library is still library and you must be quiet lest having the library walk the length of a football field just to tell you to shut up or leave.

I use to go the annex often, you know like everybody else does to get away from the chatter of home in order to better concentrate. Well I quickly realize that don't work out for me very well. First of all I actually have to commute there because I live on the other side of the city, so that is like 40 minutes gone total. The chairs there are not as not nearly as comfortable as my $600 dollar ergonomic office chair. As I have said before, if you are going to sit on your ass for the majority of the day (and most of us will), INVEST in a comfortable chair that will LAST (you know, the cushion won't go flat after a month).

Being mobile means I am force to use my macbook's tiny screen, which when I am having a gazillion windows open full of web pages, the entire Microsoft office suite, and itunes, it just does not work very well. Last but not least, most people go with classmates or friends to work on assignments together. To honest we end up chatting more than actually getting work done. The whole going to the library to do homework for me is counter intuitive.

I much rather stay at home, sit on my absurdly comfortable chair, stare at a ginormous monitor with space to fit multiple application windows, and have access to drinks and snacks at just paces away.

Not to say going to the library to do homework does not work for other people. Hey, at long as it gets done, like Malcolm X said, by all means necessary... except for cheating... sometimes...