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Yellow it's you - 10 things I think


1. Tough week for death of famous persons. Just before 2014 was to expire, the great thespian Edward Herrmann succumbed to brain cancer. Then, this previous weekend ESPN pioneer Stuart Scott past away, also due to complications from a long battle with cancer. 

Cancer is just awful, and it doesn't discriminate. Pieces of my childhood was lost with the passing of Herrmann and Scott. May they rest in peace. 

2. Je suis Charlie. The cold-blooded assassination/terrorist attack of those French cartoonists is an absolute affront to artists the world over, no matter the tool or medium. Free speech should always be free. I hope the people responsible get captured and served justice soon. 

3. John Boehner criticized President Obama's threat of vetoing any Keystone Pipeline legislation by saying the executive branch doesn't care about building American infrastructure. Well, neither do you and your party, Speaker. Last time I checked, our roads, highways, and bridges are still in subpar condition. And didn't the GOP oppose any high-speed rail legislation? 

4. Agent Carter is a brilliant, brilliant piece of kit. Two premier episodes in I am already hooked. Of course, Hayley Atwell is simply 'hnnggg'.

5. Now can we please get a stand-alone Black Widow movie? Not one to criticize the great Kevin Feige, but come on already! 

6. Carlos Ghosn, the crème de la crème official of the Renault-Nissan automotive empire, bears a hilarious resemblance to one Mr. Bean. Can't believe I haven't realized it until recently.  

7. It is well worth it to purchase Grand Theft Auto 5 again for next-generation consoles. The sheer depth and quality of the visuals do wonders for immersion into the world and the gameplay. A mere double-dip money-grab, it is not. I am immensely looking forward to the next installment - isn't it about time Rockstar reimagine a European city?

8. I think I'll have to give up coffee on a regular basis. Obviously, I am not happy about this - I love the stuff. At least I can still have tea. 

9. After a murderous few months on the wallet, as November and December is wont to do every year, suffice to say I am desperately waiting on those W2s so I can file and get my well-deserved tax return. 

10. Sorry, anybody that don't live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but mid 40's is considered "freezing" for us. You can take your high and mighty it-is-actually-freezing-where-i-am-at attitude and shove it. Hard.