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First day of Spring

It's the first day of spring for those of you that actually experienced winter. For us here in San Francisco, we got no such luck. Felt like spring has been here ever since January to be honest. That's why the rest of the nation hates us (especially the East Coast people and their experience with the frozen tundras), and our land value is shooting up sky high (I'm likely to never buy a house here) - San Francisco is definitely the city to be if you hate the thought of having four distinct seasons. 

No complaints from me, obviously. Perhaps it's the decades plus of living here, but I have a real dislike of weather extremes. Anything above 75 fahrenheit is considered too hot, and it's entirely too damn cold once the mercury drops below 50. Spoiled, yes, but t-shirt, jeans, and light-jacket weather all year round? Can't beat it. 

Working in academia has it's perks (it isn't the paycheck; really), and one of them is I can actually take a week off for spring break. And I thought I was done with that sort of stuff upon graduation. Time to discover what it's like to have nothing to do for an entire week, starting this Saturday. Getting paid to go on vacation; that's how it's properly done.