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Black Day

Saw Captain America 2 this past weekend, and it was a fantastically entertaining movie. As a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I obviously enjoyed it as I did with all the other ones. You've got to head into these movies without any expectations of complex/interesting plot-lines or intense character development; all of it is merely there to entertain you. Waiting impatiently the next one, Guardians of the Galaxy, this coming August. 

Great weekend of baseball for the Giants. I still can't believe Bumgarner hit that grand slam; definitely not something you see everyday. That Crawford walk-off home-run into the water on Sunday was equally unexpected. The Giants has got an intricate and interesting offense, that's for sure. The team is currently leading the majors in home-runs collectively! Pretty crazy considering the team isn't exactly known for hitting home-runs these past seasons.