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Reading one book per month

I was once told that one should read at least one book per month. Doesn't matter what sort of book it is, be it fiction or non-fiction, story or self-help. 

Of course, we're all so preoccupied with our screens and mobile devices these days, so who's got time to read anything substantial? Even on the Internet, long-form is largely dead. It's so much easier and faster for the ADD generation to parse through sordid lists and pictures instead of reading page after page of actual words. 

It's no coincidence grammar and word usage has absolutely gone to shit. English is and can be a very artful language, but you simply don't see it much anymore. It irritates me greatly when I see slang or colloquial terms enter into what people consider journalistic pieces of writing.

Step away from the iPad, and pick up a book. Unless you're like me and you use the Kindle app on your iPad, then by all means - as you were.