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Automotive enthusiast's life: car detailing

For an automotive enthusiast (the quintessential car nut), the weekend is that wonderful occasion when you can finally spend some quality time with the car(s) you love. Nothing is more in line with “car guy” tradition than washing and detailing the car. People that love cars tend to make sure their automobiles are well maintained and in quality running shape. Cleanliness of course is the one big factor that contributes to the beauty of the car - as it was meant to be seen. 

Being a huge car guy myself, I spent this past weekend performing a full detail to my beloved Toyota Corolla sedan. The whole process took a grand total of eight hours because I was deliberately being extremely precise about it. During the washing process I made sure to clean inside the engine bay of all the road dirt and grime that has accumulated in six years of ownership. I even took the alloy wheels off in order to clean them from the inside. Some call it obsessively anal, I call it obsessively thorough. 

After washing the comes the arduous task of hours upon hours in clay barring (to get rid of paint contaminants), polishing, and touching up the paint where road debris made annoying rock chips on the front end of the car. Last step is of course protecting all the hard work with a nice coat of wax.