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Case of the Mondays


Nobody likes them, correct? Given a gun to my head I’d for sure tell you I don’t much like Mondays either. That creeping feeling of despair you start to feel by Sunday evening; the work week is straight ahead, and that slight piece of weekend bliss will soon be done and gone. We’ve all experience it.

I’m beginning to think that if I’m heading into the week dreading Monday like the plague, I’ve already lost. 

What does the dread and thoughts that go along with it accomplish? Nothing supportive that’s for sure. It sure doesn’t make me want to go to sleep at a proper time. When that alarm clock announces its presence on Monday morning, it doesn’t make me want to escape those cozy sheets with haste. When I’m in the car driving towards work, the dread doesn’t make me look forward to the work-week with good vibes - rather I’m already impatiently counting down the minutes towards end of day Friday.   

How productive is that? 

What if I am actually happy and excited about Mondays? What if the notion of the work-week brings me the same joy and anticipation as the prospects of an entertainment-filled weekend? Wouldn’t I have a better disposition at work and whatever output be enhanced? You don’t have to particularly like you job, but since societal framework predicates that adults ought to have gainful employment, the job is a static reality: how you feel about it is on you alone. So instead of choosing dread, a negative reaction, why not view it in a positive light, even if you have to Jedi mind-trick yourself to achieve it. 

These days, I quite like Mondays. On Sunday evenings I anticipate with a sense of duty, and Monday mornings I jump out of bed ready to handle it all. Some weekends are more difficult that others, but overall this mental practice/exercise have helped my general psyche towards the work-week tremendously.