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Are Moleskin notebooks worth the money?

You now those fancy Moleskine (or equivalent) branded notebooks that are extremely popular with all the cool kids (#Millennials)? I had no idea how relatively expensive they were! What amounts to really is a stack of about a few hundred sheets of paper bound together nicely and then companies will go ahead and sell it for 18 dollars. Is it just me or is that price insane? 

I remember back in my formative schooling period I would buy spiral-bound notebooks for about a dollar each; now people are buying Moleskine notebooks for many multitudes of that amount simply for style? You can’t convince me otherwise it isn’t all style; I’ve read the reviews and the sheets of paper used in the Moleskine aren’t any more durable or awesome than the loose-leaf sheets you can purchase by the hundreds for mere dollars. I mean, for sure those bound notebooks do indeed look beautifully clean and modern, but at the prices they are going for, no thanks from me. 

My travel/portable note-taking medium of choice remains the military-inspired Field Notes memo books.