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Solar eclipse and Giants game

Yesterday was interesting.

In the morning hours there was the big happening with the solar eclipse going on. Sadly, us San Franciscans are infinitely familiar with the sun being blocked due to the constant fog so it wasn’t too huge a deal. Of course, it was immensely foggy on the west side of the city where I work, so there was no hope of seeing the actual thing, though I’m sure my ocular faculties were thankfully spared the solar intensity. Not suppose to look at the sun during a solar eclipse? But I look at the sun all the time!

Shoutout to NASA for having a killer live-feed from Oregon though. Nothing like a solar eclipse to remind me just how amazing the universe and our solar system is, and what a golden coincidence it is that these three circular objects are spaced at just the correct distance apart for the moon to perfectly cover the sun. Even those not of the religious milieu would appreciate that perhaps only a supreme entity in the sky could conjure up such magical geometry. I had chills when the moon began to move off to the left and that first blip of sunlight started to dash through the temporary darkness in the most beautiful of rays.

In the evening I attended the first Giants game of the season, which is quite the contrast to the earlier parts of this decade where I’d go to about two dozens worth of games per season. Oh how have priorities change. The Giants have been awful this year, and in commensurate the attendance levels at games have reflected that as well. I’ve not seen the ballpark so empty since the mid 2000s. Bandwagoning or not, you can’t blame people for staying home when your product no longer provide joy and excitement. 

A positive though is that I was able to score tickets really inexpensively. With the Giants being in the doldrums of the major leagues, me and my friends can finally go watch games live without having to think of the wallet. It’s wonderful. I wouldn’t mind if the team continue their bad steak for quite a while longer; we’ve already got three championships, a few losing seasons isn’t going to hurt too much.