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Weather variations forge a strong body

Sometimes I wonder if all this constant good weather in San Francisco is actually a detriment to my health.

In this perpetually air-conditioned weather of ours, San Francisco doesn’t really enjoy temperature extremes. The joke is there’s but one season (that one sliver of mild chill between autumn and winter) here and it’s absolutely true. Therefore, whenever we leave for other cities with proper weather variations, we can’t handle it. Anything above 75 is too hot, and anything under 50 is too cold.

But variations, and enduring ups and downs, is what forges a strong body and mind. After all, that’s the principle on why and how we exercise. Temperature extremes, too, ought to have a similarly positive effect on the human body. Through the unbearable hot and humid summers and withering colds of winter, the body gets hardened and sharpened, as does the mind. If global warming is indeed real then the citizens of Phoenix Arizona have a leg up on all of us in dealing with the heat.

If I were to ever move out of the city, I think I’d prefer a city/country with proper four-seasonal weather. I may and probably will hate it the first year, but just like wishing death upon exercise the first time I truly dedicated to working-out, weather fluctuations are simply a thing to get used to.