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So long, tumblr. Hello, Squarespace.

I should have made the move a long time ago. For a photographer, the website templates tumblr offers are highly limiting due to one factor: resolution. Tumblr downsamples picture uploads to early 2000's Internet levels; it's wonderful for speed when browsing the feed, but on websites it's all a blurry mess. Not sure how I managed to put up with it for so long. 

Oh, right; tumblr is free. 

Now that I've had steady income for a bit, I figure it's time indeed to switch over to a profession platform that will do justice to my photographs. I've heard of Squarespace for the longest time, with various Youtube personalities offering up their code to get 10% off the first year. After viewing some tutorials, the interface and ease of use really impressed me, and the templates look fantastic as well. At around $216 per year for the business plan - the $144 personal plan has a 20 page limit - it's quite the price pill to swallow for someone graduating from paying nothing. However, with unlimited pages, unlimited hosting, and unlimited bandwidth, it's actually excellent value. 

For sure it's going to take some time to transfer all the legacy data from tumblr to this new host. Blog posts have already been done, but photographs will be an entire project. Instead of photo 'feed' or 'stream' I'm going to set up galleries. Due to the low resolution assets in tumblr, I can't simply port them over using Squarespace's built-in application; I have to export out of Lightroom and re-upload everything. 

It's should be lots of fun.