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Thoughts on the Star Wars 8 trailer

So, about that Star Wars Episode 8 trailer...

Shut up and take my money! The trailer is spectacular; not that it was needed to get my butt into the theatre, but my interest is piqued to the maximum. I plan to watch it at least a thousand times before December arrives. 

Obviously there's tons of obfuscation and misdirections in the trailer. It'd be too on the nose if Kylo Ren kills his mother after killing his father in Force Awakens, though I wouldn't mind if that's how they send off Carrie Fisher's character. The last shot of Kylo offering his hand to Rey means there's almost zero chance Rey is the one to turn dark, cause why would the producers spoil the movie's major shock point at the end of a trailer? The scene was also a bit too reminisce of Empire Strikes Back, what with Darth Vader offering his hand to Luke to join him. 

Rian Johnson really need to do all he can to avoid any call-backs to Empire. 

Anyways, not to say I don't want Rey to turn dark, because that would be awesome. My ultimate fan-dream for the next two movies is for Rey and Kylo to team up, destroy the First Order, and then go their separate ways. Rey will then form a new Jedi academy, while Kylo will restart the Sith Order. We shall then have balance in the Force. 

The only flaw in the trailer is the Porg. I don't care how adorable it is, unless/until proven wrong by the movie, to me the Porg is nothing more than a blatant merchandise grab by a franchise that don't need it. Guardians of the Galaxy got to it first with Baby Groot; Star Wars is merely copying it.