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Clean your smartphone everyday

I recently saw a tip on the Internets that made so much sense I wondered why I didn't have the habit already: one should clean their smartphone at the end of each day. 

It was indeed a lightbulb moment. Smartphones have become an extension of our own bodies with the sheer amount of time we spend with it. Naturally we take it everywhere with us, and in the process it attracts all sorts of germs and contaminations. I'm sure there's a study somewhere that found smartphones to be dirtier than public toilet seats. At the end of the night it all gets taken to bed with us, akin to people that don't shower before going to sleep. 

As someone that prefers tidy and cleanliness, I'm surprised I never got into routinely cleaning my phone. At most I'd simply wipe the screen with a shirt part if the grease and grime become overwhelming. All those lazy morning hours spend browsing on the phone while in bed seems ghastly to me now. It's advised to wash our hands often, therefore the object our hands touch most often should also require similar hygienic diligence. 

Nowadays at night before bed I wipe the iPhone down thoroughly with a microfiber towel that's been spritzed with all-purpose cleaner. The peace of mind gained is immense.