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WWDC 2018 is software only

Apple's annual WWDC was today and the keynote was all software; the company announced zero new hardware for us to tell it to shut up and take our money. It's quite disappointing, honestly speaking. 

Yes I understand it's a software developer conference so that will be the main focus. Apple has got four interface juggernauts in iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS, and showcasing the new features in their respective new iterations took the entire two hours of the keynote.

But, software doesn't sell things, does it? Not when you're Apple at least. People have come to expect great software from the company, so a dazzling show of cool items coming soon isn't going to move the needle in my opinion. 

The thing we love Apple for best is the shiny hardware, and to have none announced today was a huge bummer. Don't ever forget: the Mac Mini was last updated back in 2014, and Apple is still selling the same four-year old unit at the same original price.  

What about a Macbook with Thunderbolt 3? How embarrassing is it that a $1,200 laptop currently can't plug into modern 4K external displays, or utilize fast external accessories. Granted this one probably isn't Apple's fault because Intel is beyond delayed in bringing out appropriate chips and chipsets for ultrabook-class laptops like the Macbook.

Mac Mini though. Come on, man. 

I am excited about the new stuff coming in the software, though. Most interesting to me was a true system-wide 'Dark Mode' in macOS Mojave. 

One last longing look at the MX-5 before I sign over the papers as sold. 

One last longing look at the MX-5 before I sign over the papers as sold.