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Just when I thought I was out...

The car enthusiasts blood never leaves. It even grows stronger when you don't have a car at all. 

Last week I sold the Miata and I've been doing the San Francisco public-transportation thing, quite happily, mind you. In this crowded metropolis it's so freeing to not have to worry about parking, street cleaning, tickets, and the audacious traffic. Riding the train I can relax and listen to podcasts until arrival at destination.

However, the fact is I am without a car, and as a petrol-head (it says so on my landing page) the yearning, the withdrawal symptoms, are ever present, more so than I realized because indeed selling the car was the correct decision and I'm immensely happy. On my daily commute I can't help to analyze the cars passing by and if it's a nice one I think about what it would be like to own it. 

Paradoxical, isn't it. 

Since selling the MX-5 I've also had renewed interest in automotive content on Youtube. I would go as far to say I'm actually enjoying the content more now that I don't own a vehicle. I think my subconscious reckons the abolishment of driving as a system malfunction and is therefore not so subtly pushing me to correct the situation. 

It makes sense: I've got leftover money from the sale and can easily afford to buy another car.

My subconscious won't win though because I am quite determined to be car-less for at least the next few years. In the meantime I'll enjoy the reenergized amusement I get from Youtube car shows and watching awesome cars drive by on the bus home. 

The transit life. 

The transit life.