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Hang on, I'm still here

Hello there! Yes, I am still quite active on this website, just not where you’re used to finding me here in the Words section. I’ve been massively busy writing articles for the GT3 Diaries, a vertical dedicated to showing my journey of purchasing and owning a Porsche 911 GT3. Please do check out that section often, because I surmise it will be more active that this blog; there’s far too much to do with such a glorious machine.

And then there’s the enormous backlog of photographs from January’s two weeks in China I’ve still yet to edit through. There will be photo stories to accompany the pictures once (if?) it’s all finished, so yes, even more writing to come.

Again, there’s lots of activity on this website, just not much on the blogs. Nevertheless, I’ll try to squeeze in some written thoughts here and there. It’s good exercise to cleanse the mind, to articulate into words what I’m pondering about. As usual, plenty to do, not nearly enough time. Exciting times.

9K all day.