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Changed up my typing regiment

Autocorrect have made me a worse typist that I already am. 

Typing is a large part muscle memory, is it not? Not having to look down at the keyboard whilst typing is all in our fingers remembering each and every key position. Autocorrect disrupts that memory because even when my fingers betray me momentarily, I never have to go back and correct the mistake - the computer does it for me. This happens enough times and suddenly my muscle memory on how to type a particular word is completely out of sync. 

I was never that great of a typist to begin with - thanks for nothing, Mavis Beacon - and autocorrect exacerbates it. Therefore I've turn it off on all my computers. 

On the same tangent of typing, I've recently had a nasty liquid spill on my desk and my old Corsair mechanical keyboard took the brunt of it. Water and electronics never mix so I had to purchase a new one. I've own the Corsair K70 for five years and to be honest I was hoping to get plenty more mileage out of it.

That thought escaped my mind as soon as the replacement arrived: a Das Keyboard Model S Mac edition. This unit is pricey indeed but the haptic typing experience is supreme. I hadn't realize there's a hierarchy in the realm of mechanical keyboards, and apparently I've bought the Ferrari of them all. The Model S has a tactility and response that feels mega on the fingers, rendering the other keyboards I use for work completely inadequate. 

Pray I don't end this keyboard's life prematurely with misuse liquids as well.