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Kendrick and the white girl

During a concert, Kendrick Lamar invites a white girl on stage to sing with him. Naturally his songs contain the N-word and in the moment of joy the girl raps right along to 'M.A.A.D City' and uttered the N-word multiple times. A dismayed Kendrick stops the music to reprimand the girl, putting her on blast in front of the entire audience (that's cold).

So then of course the Twitterverse is having the same ole discussion again about who can or can't say the N-word and whether it should be banned entirely or only black people can say it, suck it white folks because slavery.

This particular episode reminds me of Trinidad James's 'All Gold Everything' a few years back. The song's chorus got a bunch of N-words in it and you can bet non-black people rapped through it without self-censoring (at least privately, or on an all-white party bus). An old white-lady even got into trouble when fraternity kids videoed her singing the chorus

I think people should be free do do what they want. Want to say the N-word? Go right ahead; just be aware that depending on the color of your skin and whether you're in public or private, there may be consequences. Don't be so naive to think non-black people aren't rapping the N-word to hip hop songs when there are no black folks around to hear it. 

At the very least, you know the white girl invited up by Kendrick does it. 

It's an MX-5 party at the campus parking lot. 

It's an MX-5 party at the campus parking lot.