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Spring break day one

Filed under 'things you didn't think you need until you had it': fast high-speed Internet. I recently switched from 6 Mbps AT&T DSL to 25 Mbps Comcast cable because I was absolutely shattering through AT&T's data caps (Comcast hasn't got any). All I can say is, wow: the speed delta is amazing. If I ever have to go back to slower speeds I'm going to despise it with great intensity. Perks of the first-world, for sure. 

Music is immensely important to me so I spent much of the day backing up my iTunes library onto an external hard-drive that will then get transported offsite. That way if for some horrible tragedy my place of living turns to wreckage (knock heavily on wood for this one), I'd still have my music. Yup, it's that crucial. 

The penultimate How I Met Your Mother episode aired tonight, and wow the amount of feels just keep increasing as we get towards the very end. I don't think I can handle the series finale next Monday.  

Last day of Spring break

Thunderstorms, lightning, and torrential rain. I thought I was back home in equatorial China, but nope, it's right here today in San Francisco. This sort of weather is very rare indeed amongst the usual fog and mid 50's weather year round. Even when it does rain, it never gets to such an intensity where ponds and rivers start forming all over the place. Naturally, the driving public haven't the slightest clue how to drive in these conditions. Good thing I got to stay indoors all day. 

I was going to wash the car, but the sky did that for me. Lucky. 

So I stayed indoors the whole day and watched automotive videos on YouTube - as you do. It's the kind of productive day I've always dreamt about (it's true). The main event hasn't yet happened, though: it's baseball's opening day! For the next six months there's going to be awesome on the television every single day, and the subsequent drop in productivity to go along with it (good thing I'm not in school anymore). Suffice to say, go Giants!

Tonight is also the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. I might not make it through all the feels in this one. Consequently, I'm anticipating and dreading it at once.