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Too many things

My maternal grandparents are moving, and as anyone that has ever moved will tell you, you quickly realize you've got way more possessions than originally thought. Most of it is made up of things that we haven't used in years, sometimes decades even. Nostalgia and general laziness is one heck of a hindrance to decluttering, isn't it. 

Of course, my grandparents had no choice but to discard as many items as possible so to not have to waste effort bringing them over to the new place. While I myself am not moving anytime soon, I think it'd be prudent for me to take a hard look at all the stuff I've got and throw away the things I simply don't use or need. You always think you'll need something later on, but years go by and that item is still in its original position, never been touched. 

Time for a bit of spring cleaning, then.