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01/01/2011 - 2010 reflections

Perhaps January 11th and November 1st and the 11th will be more special in terms of the numbers games, but I digress, for this will be long and rambling-like, for clearly at this point I have no idea where I am going with this.

Another year has slip on by into the memories and subsequently another decade. And while people are either still hung over from their new years eve escapades or on their first 5 days of going to the gym (because face it, that new years resolution will only last a week), it is time for me to jot down some thoughts. Not because I was impelled to, but it just so happens that one of my new years resolution is to start blogging consistently again. The past two years of school absolutely consumed my life and I barely had time to do my hobbies, must less blog about what is on my mind. It is time to start it up again since I only have one semester of torture I mean school left so (super) senioritis will provide me all the time I need to blog.

As the decade has gone, so has the medium of blogging in which I am using. Who can forget the Xanga platform that I used up until the invention of Facebook, also known as procrastination destination number one. I still find myself revisiting the old Xanga from time to time, because indeed it was a time capsule of high school life for me. Back in those days I did not blog about topics, but instead I just wrote what the heck happened during my enlightening day of high school level K-12 education. What is more surprising is that Xanga has deemed it necessary to preserve all it’s users written data even if that user has cease to access it consistently for the past 5 years. And for that I tip my cap to them.

The transition to Facebook was natural as I completely embraced the way of consistency: no longer do I need to do some special coding to make my blog or page unique. Everybody’s page looking the same was in my opinion one of the biggest strengths of Facebook and what ultimately doomed the MySpace platform (glad to see the founders received their payday and got the fuck out). Some of you might remember even Facebook went through a phrase of inconsistency, will all the applications that can fill up someone’s wall. Thankfully the company came to their senses. I have amassed one hundred and one notes on Facebook until I stopped due to schoolwork and other shenanigans that got in the way.

And here I am on a new platform that is tumblr. Do not ask me why I switched, because I cannot give you the reason. For sure I can continue on writing notes in Facebook, and probably reach a wider audience in terms of my friends, but nonetheless I blog mainly to have a time capsule so I can later on in life read what the current me is thinking about. And on we go.

2010 was the year of getting things done. I may gripe about the enormous work load my entrepreneurship major entails, but every bit of it was worth it as the major drops real world knowledge on the students and I feel like the class will be the most prepared out of all the business majors in terms of readiness in the work field (an opus on how fail the college education system is for preparing kids for the real world can be left for another day). Think about this: for two years, it is the same students, same class, and same teacher. The workload is no joke: in one and half years time, the class would have done the rough equivalent of two graduate theses amount of work. The amount of research and revisions is ridiculous. The class certainly did not score points with any of the environmental advocate groups, I personally ran through 6 cartridges of black ink and the paper that comes with it. Nonetheless, work was done (it is weird how more than five spelling mistakes = F will impel you to do well) as I now possess the skills to research an industry to the point of becoming an expert, and write a well thought out business plan. I thank the California government for paying for my education. 

Apart from the grind of academia, I was also lucky enough to retain a job on campus amidst the still slow to recover economy and double-digit unemployment numbers. Nothing like having a steady income to pursue your very expensive hobbies (someone please recommend one that will not hurt my wallet as much, please). So basically for nine months of out the whole of 2010 I went to school and work and that was it. The three months of summer was quite depressing as it hurt to see everyone graduating on time and on to bigger and better things while here I am still having another year of undergrad to look forward to (knowing full well the inhuman amount of workload). I was so drained from the first part of the year that during the summer I basically just recharged my batteries. As I am reflecting right now I cannot even think of anything significant enough (other than going to San Diego for a couple of days for what I can only imagine) that happened over the summer. But to be honest that is quite alright, as the realization has hit me just now that could be my last summer break EVER. So what can I say, I slept and chilled, was not so bad.

Asian parents would say, work and school is all you need and all that you should focus on. Somehow they just expect you to find a significant other at the appropriate time (or back in the olden days they would just hook you up with someone). And to be honest you should not ONLY focus on those two things, but for sure they are very important. But aside from those two things, 2010 I picked up learning the language of Korean. Well, not exactly, as I had yet to open any learning textbooks (or that copy of Rosetta stone). As watching television has taught me the twisted language of English, watching Korean television is how I am picking things up (special shout out to Comcast cable for carrying KBSworld). It is slow and definitely not the most efficient way to go, but remember how strapped for time I was for nine months out of 2010? Anyways, it also helps tremendously when one of your best friend’s girlfriend is Korean and is nice enough to have some attempts at broken conversation (who needs grammar!). Another of my 2011 resolution is to get to a point where I can read Korean script at a fluent pace/speed (note I am not saying I will understand it as well haha).

2010 also saw me continuing the trend I started four years ago back in sophomore year of undergrad: exercising and eating healthy on a consistent basis. While due to school work often times I did not stick to a six times a week schedule, I schedule it in every chance I can. But what is the end game with my exercise regiment? Definitely not to get swollen and huge, as appearance wise I am still pretty skinny (“you weight 160?”). For me it is not vanity reasons (though it does not hurt), as I just want to be healthy with bodily functions at optimal levels (I am still in my twenties for Pete’s sake). More importantly, you just feel good when you are fit and in shape.  

And eating healthy has already become a habit, so on that front it is not really much of a effort. Though I guess other people gets fed up with my “I can’t eat that” line. Do I want to eat what every the heck I want? Sure, I mean, who would not? Eating has turned from a survival requirement to entertainment, and it is not all that wrong. I mean anything social these days with friends and family revolves around food. However what is more important than enjoying food is that I do not want to be in my mid life and have chronic illnesses. America needs to turn from a nation of “after the fact” to a nation of active prevention. Besides, just because food is healthy does not mean it taste bad. And yes, some days you just want a good ole American cheeseburger. Someday I will turn bitter that my tax money is going to treating old people with illnesses/disabilities that are entirely preventable.

That pretty much sums up 2010 (personally speaking). Nothing too exciting, as it is all about getting work done and getting things headed into the right direction. Learning and gaining useful knowledge everyday (useful not as in winning a million dollars at Jeopardy, though that is cool too). As my professor would say, the business of the business, using resources to get the business ahead. So do excuse if my experience of 2010 is not as lively as others. Did I waste time? Sure, laziness never escapes me. Did I find time to entertain? For sure: I am at a point in my life where work cannot dominate the whole as social and entertainment does the mind good to better tackle the work. So easy it is to get drained from too much of anything. Focus on what important, get it done, but do not ever forget to stick in something to get your mind off the tangent.

Thoughts on the decade that just pass? Not much really. I mean, the decade happened at such chaotic times as I went though middle school, high school, and undergrad. In terms of transitions and change I wager it will probably be the biggest out of any part of the rest of my life (2012 draws closer). With all that chaos comes good memories, and some that I rather forget. No other decade will illicit more “what was I thinking” reactions in terms of my life. But that is natural I guess, as it is just a part of growing up. There are times I wonder what would happen if my 23 old mind is somehow transplanted back in time. But that is some Star Trek alternated reality shit that I think it would be better to not think about. At the end of the day (decade?) it is all for the best as I am still alive, healthy, and moving forward. That is all that you can ask for really. As my mother would say, the only thing she prays for in any occasion that calls for praying is good health. I take it to heart, as for sure you can have millions but if you are crippled with illness and disease it will do you no good.

Like I said, the past decade was a decade of transitions, on a personal level and world level (9/11, war, religion, economy, China, etc.). The next decade will be what I would like to call my prime decade (again, assuming we don’t all perish in 2012). It is time to finish college, and get a steady job in a field that I enjoy, and do all the things I want to do. You know, the time to just be spontaneous and just go with it (within means of course, you will never find me in debt and bankrupted). Other than sustaining my own life, there are close to zero extraneous responsibility to hold me back. For example, I really miss Asia, and I will make a point to go back often. It is time to see what the world have to offer, and what I have to offer it.  

Because at the end of that tunnel is the human responsibility of marriage and procreation (the ball, chain, and anchor). At that point, one’s life will be very structured, restricted, and patterned. One just need to get to a point when he or she feels is ready to embarked on that part of life, then naturally will no longer have adverse feelings towards it (you have to be happy with yourself first). Personally I feel like I need to do my own thing, achieve what I want for myself before I am willing to commit to that (going to need at least a decade for that haha). I have extreme reservations about people that gets married in their twenties as I seriously feel they are missing out on an experience for themselves. If patterns hold, our generation will live a very long time, hence there will be plenty of time later to get settled and do that whole domestic dance. New years resolution number three: stop being lazy… most of the time.

Marriage advice aside, I am very much looking forward to the new decade, as I foresee many exciting and interesting things. But to take the sports clichéd of taking it one game at a time, I shall take it one year at a time. 2011 will hopefully see me get done with undergrad, enter the workforce, while pursuing my hobbies and interest. Should be fun indeed. Say hello to goodbye.

It is now 01/02/2011, but I started writing this 01/01/2011. Still count (Akon: “I just had sex…”)