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I bet that camera takes nice photos

Why yes it does! And I bet you are now going to proceed to buy one of these "DSLR" and then take some sample shots, turns out not so great, and resolved to yourself "oh I am still learning how to use it". Right, because that auto green box mode facilitates all kinds of possibilities in "learning" the camera. 

Pet peeve you know. Walking around with my camera kit illicit such comments makes me laugh at how the camera makers are just laughing their ass off to the bank. No wonder entry level DSLR cameras seemingly gets updated every fucking year while the bodies that pro use gets updated once every blue moon (looking at you Canon 5D). Business is business after all. The misconception that somehow the better specs of the camera will automatically transform one's photographs is what perpetuates the sales boom of DSLR. And yet it saddens me to see the majority with DSLR are still shooting in auto green box mode. What.a.waste.

Oh man, how many mega pixels do you have? 12. Man this new camera i bought for 100 bucks have 14, I bet it takes better pictures. Facepalm.

Ah yes the megapixel wars was like a cash cow for the camera makers. Not to say megapixel don't contribute to the quality of a photograph, but there comes a point where unless you are doing prints the size of walls, megapixel in the mid teens should suffice anybody. The question of comparison lie in the quality of the megapixel. Let me bludgeon you with camera jargon such as the size of the sensor, aperture, digital processor, and RAW. Megapixel are the end product of the photographic process, how the device captures the light will determine the quality.

But that kind of technical hoopla don't sell cameras to the masses. Solid tangible numbers do. The bigger the better. I present the case of the LCD TV. 5 million to 1 contrast ratio? Do people know that is physically impossible given the technology we have now? 600hz refresh rate? Current LCD panel technology only goes up to 120hz. But who am I as a business major to criticize business strategies that sells the products? With the internet the onus is on the consumers to do the research.

So don't insult all the photographers that actually know what they are doing with nonchalant claims such as once I get a DSLR I will take excellent pictures but the stayin the auto mode the whole time (I am sorry, that onboard flash is not going to light up the moon for you to take a decent pictures). Go learn how to use all the functions, realize what amazing tool it is for all kinds of things. The biggest waste in the world is not using the things you pay hard earn cash for to their full extent:: "I don't drive my car often I am trying to keep the miles down because it is an investment". An automobile is one of the FASTEST depreciating assets one can own! Investment as in you paid a boatload of money? Yea sure, so get all the shit back by actually USING it FULLY.

I mean if you are not going to get out of auto mode of an DSLR, why not save yourself the burden of a heavy kit (and money) and just get a high end point and shoot? I am happy that a lot of people are getting DSLR and enjoying photography, but learning how to use it properly will only better the entire community. And please refrain from getting a Facebook fan page of your supposed photography "thing" immediately after you've bought your first DSLR.

Hey, it is all love and compliments.

So yes this camera take nice photos, but I owe everything to the computer and the program(s) that edits it all.