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Fatigue, farewell - random thoughts

It is bloody cold! After what seems to be 6 hours of incessantly rain today, it has finally given away to this bitter cold. Currently I am in a nice temperature controlled room of a toasty 70 degrees, and man is it comfortable. But pretty soon I will have to walk outside to go home and yeah that is not going to be fun. But you know this aluminium construction of a laptop does draws the heat from the internals right up to the surface and it does quite well to be a hand warmer while I leisurely type into this window.

So the past 72 hours have been quite the interesting. I think I have only been at home to shower and sleep for the past three days. It's like staying at a hotel, accept the bed is always comfortable and I don't have to pay a dime. Nothing like leaving the house at 9 and not coming home until around 11 for three straight days. But it is all worth it I guess, except for the fact I did not get any exercise in at all. 

Two of my entrepreneur classmates actually had the soft launch of their business last night (company is called Hubby & Lee, their blog is here - http://bit.ly/dJyDPa). Their business is beer tasting events, introducing beers and food pairings to the masses. Since I am the only one in the class with a photography background, I honored to be the event photographer for the evening. It all worked out, as I did not have to pay for the event, but taking pictures after you've had a few in your system is quite the different feeling I must say. 

I also must say that I am not drinking cheap beer again. Or drinking beer alone for the matter. Premium beer is just like wine - you have to know how to taste it properly, and pair it with the correct food, to get the full enjoyment. I learned a tremendous lot during the event, and afterwards cheap beer pong beer just taste like water. Oh yeah, drinking 6 different beers and all the finger foods that goes along with it is a recipe for extreme bloat-ness - especially if you have just ate dinner before the event (had Greek food for the first time!). I mean what can you do, you hear finger food and all that pops into your mind is not enough portions.

Ah yes my spring break has started! Though it will not be much of a break since from next Monday through Wednesday I will be at my internship full time since the company is ramping up the website redesign to finish in time for the Groupon launch on Wednesday. Well at least I get the rest of the week off. I just hope the weather is not as crappy as this week so that I can get some modicum of fresh air if and when I go outside. But honestly I have been so busy I almost forgot next week was spring break. Lots of WHAT THE FUCK moments in class when teachers say there is no class next week haha.

Now I have AT&T DSL for the past half decade, and they have treated me well and never failed to get me that copy of *insert incriminating name of certain software things*. But news have surfaced that AT&T will begin capping their previously unlimited DSL service. From infinite all the way down now to 150GB's per month. Now normal users unlike myself, this should be no problem. But for me when certain things online by itself is around 10GBs then yeah that is going to be a problem. Not to mention I share the internet connection with two other computers. Sure I can be dictatorial and block my little brother from using the internet, but I do not think my parents will be all too happy if I ban them for watching their videos on Tudou.

I don't know what I am going to do. Comcast is only marginally better at 250GB per month. I want my unlimited back! How do broadband providers expect people to stay within those boundaries, especially with all the streaming TV and movies that are now available? Even if I don't download a single piece of whatever and just stream everything, I don't think I will have trouble passing 150GB per month at all (because remember it is me and two other computers). Internet is fast becoming the de facto avenue to deliver ALL media content, and yet providers are now going to put in caps? Of course it is a money grab, just like how there are no unlimited data plans from the big two mobile phone companies. It is all counterintuitive - as people are using more and more digital data then ever, now is the time to put a cap on it? It makes no sense for the consumer.

So Verizon say I am eligible to renew my 2 year slave contract with them and get a new phone! But damnit it is only late March, and the next iPhone do not come out until June so I guess I will have to wait until then to switch. There is nothing wrong with my current phone (LG ENV Touch) as it perform its function well (texting!). But I think it is time for me to upgrade to a proper smart phone - you know, to play angry birds all day and get nothing done. Now I could just get the current iPhone 4 now and be happy with it. But hey those people at purchase iPad 1 just before iPad 2 came out is kicking themselves. Would I be that impatient to not wait for the new one, especially when I know for sure when it will be out?

Three and a half years of working at my current job finally paid off as I finally got a substantial raise (I can finally buy that ring she wanted!). Sad part is I can no longer work here after I graduate, which is only 8 weeks away (good times). No I am not complaining because as my professor say, cash flow is the most important thing to a business or person, especially when it is positive. Too bad this newfound wealth have already been earmarked long ago due to previous spending. Though I have been enjoying the fruits of those spending for some months now, thank you very much. And IRS, where the heck is my tax return?! Yes I know I can check online, but don't they know how busy I am?

Very excited that baseball is only 1 week away. Now I finally have something to watch while I do homework at night. Looking forward to the Giants defending their World Series championship. Still don't know when I will be able to watch my first live game of the season, as I still need to see how rotations and lineups set up before choosing the appropriate game to go. I am however for sure going to the big showdown with the Phillies in early August, as the respective pitching staffs are said be to be tops in the league. My main hope is that the Giants' arms can stay healthy and strong, because pitching one extra month due to the post season is not a joke on someone's arm. No matter how many Poseys show up in the big league, pitching still wins championships.

Me and a few of my entrepreneur classmates (wait sorry, I mean a few of my entrepreneur classmates and I) have started going around eating ethnic foods the Bay Area have to offer. Probably just as an excuse to hang out and eat (because soon we'll graduate and be gone). Last week was Vietnamese food, the week previous was Indonesian, this week will be Filipino, and next week is Burmese. Interesting how so far it has all centered around the southeast Asia area. Pretty soon I will get to represent and show them Chinese food. And the only place in the city to go for that kind of stuff is of course the expensive as hell Koi Palace. It is the Chinese restaurant I recommend every time I get ask the question: "where is the best place to get Chinese in the city".

Well, on to the rainy weekend.