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This is where the fun begins

Presented here is my little speech made at the SFSU entrepreneurship class of 2011 graduation celebration on May 20th, 2011. Congrats again to all my classmates!

Thank you Professor. First of all I would like to thank everyone for coming this afternoon and honoring our class with your presence. These past two years have indeed been extremely tough and rewarding at the same time. And to be honest, I’ve always expected to make it to this day. Because for me, once I started this entrepreneurship program, I was absolutely determined to reach the finish line. My only problem was finding the motivation to start. But thankfully I got that shove out of the plane, and here I am!

Of course, a big thanks goes out to Professor Gaglio. To quote my classmate Lee, this class changed my life. I knew you were a person to be reckon with when I saw the 30 page syllabus that was handed out on the first day of the first class. Little did we know, that was the only piece of written instruction for the rest of the semester! Professor, your hands off approach made the learning that much deeper, because we were forced to make mistakes. That being said, the workload of teaching an entire concentration by yourself must have been tremendous, and I truly appreciate what you have done for us. Thank you for giving me a college education that was many, many times over what I paid for tuition.

My parents. Sorry everyone but I am going to do this in Chinese: <Chinese> Mom, dad, thanks for the support throughout the 23 years. I will not throw away all the hope you have place in me. I am up here today because you two. Thank you. </Chinese>

To my close friends that have made it here this afternoon, thanks for supporting me throughout the years. All the chats, debates, ball games, food runs, movie nights, trips, arguments, and other various hijinks we have reminded me that I do have a life outside of entrepreneurship.

Last but last least, my beloved classmates. We did it! We finally achieved the American dream of being a college graduate with a mountain of debt. It has been an honor to go through the entrepreneurship program with you guys. I have high respect for each and everyone of you because we all know that it takes a special person to make it here today. Thank you for the support, the laughs, the learning, and most importantly, the late nights at the library annex. Please keep in touch, because not only are we the strongest network we have, but I also have photography services to sell to all of you. 

I would like to end by saying this to my classmates: its time to jump out of the plane - there is no going back. Because this is where the fun begins.

Thank you.