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It's another wolf bite - 10 things I think


1. I hope you guys voted yesterday, because if you didn't, you don't get to complain about all the wrongs in our government, local or federal. Voting is our civic duty, and a right that many have died fighting for. It doesn't take an enormous amount of time: an hour or so with the election guidebook is all it took for me. 

2. Go get Taylor Swift's latest album if you haven't, because it's absolutely brilliant. It's futile to resist the musical charm of that statuesque porcelain doll from Nashville: SNL did a sketch about that. 

3. I'm immensely excited for Christopher Nolan's latest epic, Interstellar. In an industry where digital have just about taken over, Nolan is one of the few directors who are sticking with the grand old tradition of film. Best of all, he utilizes 70mm IMAX, a medium so incredibly high in quality that contemporary digital formats can't even come remotely close to matching.

Oh right, the movie has probably got an intricate and thought-provoking story as well - as you'd expect from a Nolan production. 

4. The stock summer performance tires that came with my STI are already close to their end-of-life - and I've only done about 17,000 miles! I guess the tire's tremendous grip has it's trade-offs. Well, nobody said sports cars were inexpensive to own. Michelin Pilot Super Sports, here I come. 

5. The San Francisco Giants's run of three championships in five years is simply unbelievable, especially for a fan of the team like myself that have trudged through the very lean times. Winning the first one in 2010 was already a sweet dream come true, and now the third trophy? Simply madness. 

I'm going to cherish the Giants' recent success to the best I can, because we all understand the possibility that it may never happen again in our lifetimes. 

6. The Furious 7 and Avengers 2 teaser trailers got me yelling to the screen shut up and take my money. The 2015 summer movie season is shaping up to be legendary. 

7. The stereotype of Asians always taking photographs of their food before eating is absolutely true. This past weekend I was at a Japanese restaurant sat next to a table full of young twenty-something Asians. When their food arrived to the table, the lot of them spent the next 10 minutes or so getting just the right perspective to capture. It's a little embarrassing, if I'm honest. 

8. I'm going to put in a request to the powers at be for Marvels Agents of Shield to put on much, much more of Barbara Morse aka Mockingbird. The actress that plays her, Adrianne Palicki, is a total goddess. Please, sir, I want some more

9. It's been scientifically proven by yours truly that BMW drivers are the biggest cocks driving on our roads. The past month have saw my car almost ran into by one these lowlifes three freaking times. I absolutely love the brand, but you'd be hard pressed to find me behind the wheel of a BMW badged car any time soon. 

10. This: