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My tech top 10

One of my favorite tech blog Apartment Therapy Tech (formerly known as unplggd) has an ongoing series where they feature a person and the top 10 technology related things that he or she owns. Each person's list sort of serves as a inner look into their daily lives because our generation is so intertwined with technology and gadgets.

Now the problem is, I am not big enough of a blip on the blogosphere radar to warrant a feature on that website. So to channel my inner Stephen Colbert, I would like to present my own tech top 10 list (and it is going to crush all other top 10 list.) In no particular order of significance:


1. Canon EOS 7D - My DSLR of choice. This 18 megapixel semi-pro photographing device is everything i need in a camera without robbing Peter to pay for it. Its magnesium body is practically indestructible, and with 19 cross focusing points, I might never have a shot out of focus ever again (haha!) The fact that it shoots video in HD 1080p is just icing on the cake. This thing will perform the bulk of my photographic assignments for years to come. 


2. Apple iPhone 4 16gb - What in the world would I do without my smartphone. It is definitely one of those things where before you had it, you cannot even imagine why you need it. Sure nobody makes phone calls anymore, but the ability to text, check social networks, and surf the web on the go is an enormous time saver (and the accompanying neck pain from looking down all the time.) The iPhone also has an awesome camera that will suffice for non-serious picture taking. I can't leave the house without it, heck I can't even roam within my house without it.


3. NEC LCD3090WQXi-BK 30in LCD Monitor - A photographer needs the largest and best monitor he can possibly afford in order to most efficiently (and accurately) edit his photos. I did just that by purchasing this 30 inch. 2560x1600 pixel monster. Having a such a large canvas makes editing photos a breeze - no need to zoom in and out or hover around in order to see every little detail. The fact that it is a display from NEC's professional line means quality will be top notch, colors will be accurate, and the thing will last. 


4. Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Keyboard -  For Internet writers and bloggers like myself that have to hammer out 2,000 word articles on a regular basis, there is no peripheral more important than the keyboard. We need something sturdy, quick, accurate, and feels awesome to type on. Mechanical keyboards are the answer. Unlike the common keyboard, A mechanical keyboard uses actual, physical switches underneath the keys to determine when the user has pushed a key. The feel is much more tactile. I actually look forward to typing on the K60 because it a such a pleasure to use.


5. Apple iPad 16gb - It is against custom for me to purchase the first generation of anything (you know, let them test all the bugs out and wait for the second-gen), but the iPad absolutely suckered me in with all its "revoluationary-ness." The majority of what people use a computer for is now available in a one and half pound device. For me the main function of the iPad is book reading (thank you Amazon Kindle) and bedridden Internet surfing.


6. Sony Playstation 3 - I gave up PC gaming many many years ago due to the fact that chasing the lastest and greatest in computing/graphic technology in order to build PCs that can handle the games was just not financially feasible. Console gaming offers something more constant that therefore less draining on the pocketbooks (though price for games are still absurd - tip: buy used.) The reason I side with the Playstation colors instead of Xbox is due to one game franchise that is only available on the Sony console -Gran Turismo.


7. Sony NEX-5 + 16mm f/2.8 Prime - For those times when lugging around a five pound camera kit (plus another four pound worth of tripod) is just not feasible. This tiny camera allows me to take similar quality of shots as the bigger 7D (due to it having a DSLR sized sensor) and it fits in my (bigger) pocket. The NEX-5 has become my "point-and-shoot" camera that I take with me everywhere and anywhere I am not on photographic assignment. 


8. Sennheiser HD 555 Headphones - Being a nocturnal being and music lover like most of my peers, I needed headphones so I can listen my music at normal resonance without disturbing my neighbors during the evening hours. Of course, the headphones needed to be high quality and comfortable as well. These HD 555s are one of the best rated for the price point. Along with listening to music, I also use them to watch movies and play video games at night without awaking anyone. 


9. Apple Macbook Pro 13in Mid 2009 - If I had to choose a favorite out of the 10 things listed here, this Macbook Pro would be it. My entire digital lifestyle is sustained by this little five pound machine: web, music, movies, photos, and creative stuff. I may have another PC that is much faster, but this mac remains my main computing device. Not to mention I also take this to work with me so it pulls double duty and it never skips a beat. Admittedly it is a bit long in tooth, so I look to upgrade it later this year.


10. HiVi Swans M10 2.1 Speakers - These desktop speakers plug into my Mac for infinite amounts of aural pleasure during the day time hours. Supposedly built with high quality innards made in Germany (and you know the Germans make good stuff), but I didn't care because it looks so awesome. Honestly though these do sound great and I would recommend it to anyone who needs something compact for their desk.