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Something kinda crazy - 10 things I think


1. The supposed Fight of the Century was quite the letdown, wasn’t it? I’m hugely disappointed in Pacquiao’s inability to land any punches of significance on Mayweather; getting through Floyd’s vaunted defensive style was the only way Manny could’ve persevered in the bout. If Pacquiao wasn’t able to breakthrough, I’m not sure any other fighter out there can (don’t humor me with Amir Khan).

I completely understand the common fan’s complaints of the fight being uninteresting and Mayweather is a coward for the frequent evasion and hugs on to Pacquiao: they’re simply unfamiliar with the sport. Admittedly, Floyd’s style never made for fantastic fights, but from a pure technical standpoint, his display against Manny was an absolute masterpiece.

I for one don’t want a rematch. The result will be the same.

2. Avengers Age of Ultron was as spectacular and awesome as I thought it would be. There will definitely be many more viewings in theatres in the immediate future, a personal honor reserved for only the very best of films (the first Avengers film, Inception, Lord of the Rings trilogy, etc.)

It is slightly bittersweet that Joss Whedon will no longer helm the third Avengers film, though it’s a good bet he’ll have some input on certain macro elements. I’ve full confidence in the Russo brothers, and am already anticipating next year’s Captain America film, poised to be essentially Avengers 2.5.

3. I’ve completely fallen head over heels for Elizabeth Olsen. There was no character I adored more in Avengers Age of Ultron than her brilliant interpretation of Scarlet Witch. Forget a standalone Black Widow movie (blasphemous, I know); I now desperately want a Scarlet Witch movie. It won’t happen, of course, because Disney and Marvel have shown they aren’t particularly fond of female super heroes. I doubt we would’ve even gotten as much Black Widow screen-time in the previous films if not for Joss Whedon.

4. It’s almost guaranteed that Pietro Maximoff will not “stay dead” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so take heed, Avengers fans mourning the death of Quicksilver. It is no coincidence that a scene of his burial was conspicuously absent at the end of Age of Ultron. Don’t you think if Pietro had truly passed, there would’ve been be a proper funeral worthy of a fallen Avenger?  

I’d bet good money Quicksilver will return for the third Avengers film, if not sooner.

5. Judging from the size of the men in the Dear Future Husband video, Meghan Trainor is most definitely not all about that bass. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

6. The entrepreneurial spirit in me absolute applaud the company that’s offering a gold-plating service to Apple Watch owners. For a relatively cheap sum of $400 on top of the price of the watch, customers can own a timepiece that resembles exactly the insanely expensive Apple Watch Edition model. I certainly can’t tell the difference between the factory gold and aftermarket gold plating.

Face it, only the richest of the rich can afford to blow upwards of 10 thousand dollars on a watch that is a guaranteed to be obsolete in a few year’s time. Now, thanks to a few enterprising folks, you too can wear a gold Apple Watch for only 10 percent of the price. Fake rich never looked so good.

7. First person to invent clear or invisible brake pad material - so you don’t get those visually horrendous brake-dusts on your fancy aluminum wheels - will make a princely sum indeed. Due to the drought, I haven’t been able to do a proper wash of the wheels on the STI, and the resulting mess is not pleasing at all. The wheels were silver in color, but now they are a brilliant shade of matte brown. It’s okay, because like a well-worn pair of Chucks, Subaru cars look good dirty. At least that’s what I tell myself anyways.

It’ll be a splendid day when the Californian drought is over, though I’m not holding my breath.

8. Good to see the San Francisco Giants make it back to .500, not that I’ve got any expectations for this season or anything. It was a historically dreadful month of April for them, so perhaps the team is merely deviating back to the mean. Nevertheless, I simply want them to be somewhat competitive, so that when I attend games in the flesh, the product on the field is entertaining and worth my hard-earned (ha!) money.

9. I recently for the first time encountered a person with one of those brand new Macbooks. In the flesh the laptop looks impossible skinny, easily mistakable for an iPad plugged in to a keyboard dock. Unfortunately the guy who owns it chose to purchase the gold version, which I have to say, made him look incredibly douche. A golden laptop just looks altogether awkward and unnatural. Unless you’re a Prince from the Middle East, it would be wise to tick the box for either the silver or space gray option.

10. It’s inconceivable that in 2015, the LPGA tour can name a tournament the “Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic” and everybody is fine with it. You don’t see the PGA tour name an equivalent tournament the “Swinging Pants Classic”, do you? The fact the tournament was held here in San Francisco’s Harding Park is especially shameful.