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Sorry I'm late - random thoughts

It is what happens when you procrastinate. But not really, I did NOT procrastinate at all, and still somehow someway thing still end up piling up together. You know the semester is coming to an end when you seem to have so much stuff to do yet you don't even realize you have that much (?). Such was the timeline between this past saturday and yesterday, in which literally I had thing after thing to do, and all of them were due this week (sure I fit in cleaning my far and going to a Giants game, but otherwise I would go INSANE). 

So it was to my relive that last night I slept really well because all the stuff I had to do for school (and otherwise) was over with and now i can enjoy some time for myself (like sleeping without feeling like you still have hella stuff to do - it is a great feeling). Anyways you know how I said last week that perhaps this weekend might be a bad time to go to LA? It is actually a great time to go to LA this weekend, as I literally have nothing to do that is school related (thank you god). Sure there are big things still due, but heck I can do them later (that would be procrastination).

Anyways, I finally gave in to the hype and purchase an iPhone! I originally had said that as soon as Verizon get the iPhone, I will for sure get one (no way I am ditching to AT&T for its unreliable network, and no more mobile to mobile with my Verizon network friends). Now I originally plan to wait for the iPhone 5, which usually, would come out in June according to Apple's normal refresh cycle. But it is widely believe that the fifth generation device will not bow until September, and I realize I just cannot wait that long (not to mention my contract was up). Nonetheless, here I am with my iPhone 4, and OMG it is so cool!!!!

But really, curse Apple for making products that are beautiful and make sense (and curse them for being so darn expensive). You get over the sticker shock really quick after using any Apple device (I honestly should work at an Apple store). Anyways, now that I am a slave to the $30 dollar a month ("unlimited", right...) cellular data, you bet your ass I am going to use it as much as possible to get my money back (hello Pandora!). Going to use 3G as much as I can, even if wifi is available, and it drains the battery more. 

Speaking of battery, why are people so afraid to abuse it? It is ONLY a battery, a thing that powers your device. Stop treating it like its a baby (oh, I'm trying to save the battery, wait, I better turn off stuff I don't need). It is one of those things where it deteriorates by itself even if you don't use it. Besides, if you are worried about wasting your own energy bill, charge it at a public place (thank you Starbucks, campus, public library) and pilfer other people's electricity (not that I am condoning such theft, maybe...). You freaking paid for the device, use it comfortably and not worry so much about something as minor as battery life (please environmental groups, don't sue me. my friend is not a lawyer.. yet).

So did I mention I washed my car? Yes indeed, after 7 months in the elements (I wish I had a garage), I finally gave it the bath it probably did not deserve. I did not know the car and my wheels was this color! Is it something manly that if your car is absolutely filthy on the outside (not the inside, my car's inside is always clean... can't stand a dirty interior) that shows you actually use your car and not care about how it looks (probably ties in to the low maintenance factor). But you have to clean it sometime right? (once every half a year seems like a pretty nice schedule to me). Of course when the car was new I care more about how it looks, but nowadays as long as it runs fine I am okay with it looking like pulp. It is a tool after all, to get me from point A to point B. When you are as busy as I am (wait... doing what?), keeping the car clean (on the outside) is not that much of a priority.

Which is why in the future I will lease my automobiles. First of all my liability decrease dramatically, and I get a new car every two years, which is not so bad at all (ah, that toxic plastic bonding agent that normal people refer to as new car smell). Besides, you know every year some new car will always come out and you're like WOW, too bad I can't upgrade because I am still trying to pay off the car I have and I will take a lost if I trade it in (gap insurance, people, buy it). 

But of course it rains the day after I washed the car (I love you San Francisco!). Thankfully I had waxed it too (ouch, my arm), so the water just sort of sheeted off. But still... gir. 

Hey guys, who here does NOT stare at a monitor for house on end at night (crickets...). Well I recently found an app (for both Windows and Mac) that helps preserve your eyes in these situations. It is called f.lux (http://stereopsis.com/flux/). Basically it matches the color temperature of your monitor to your interior lighting at night, and by doing so it is much easier on your eyes. It takes awhile to get use to at first, but once you do, and you stare at a monitor that does not have f.lux installed, it is as if you are staring right into the sun (my retinas). Best of all, the app is FREE. So my friends who like to burn the midnight oil by perusing their computers in bed, use the program to save your eyes (because otherwise how else will you ogle at the opposite sex?)

Three more weeks of undergrad left. Expect reflection/nostalgia blogs in the coming weeks (yay...)