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The weary post - random thoughts

Random thoughts speed-blogging time. I am just going to type what ever is coming to my mind probably for the next 45 minutes. Weather was dreary today, why did not anybody tell me that it was going to rain? Like half the people out there I was caught unprepared, and today it was one of those rains where it was just fine, misty, and never-ending.

Speaking of rain, was talking to one of my boss at my internship and how he used to live in Malaysia. We agreed that the kind of rain that San Francisco sees is nothing compared to the tropical nightmare that is southeast Asia. Being from China I knew that first hand. 100% humidity, and buckets loads of rain (enough to flood improperly irrigated streets in a matter of minutes) 24/7 for months on end during the summer. Last time I went back to China (almost 10 years ago (!) ) was during the month of June, and I don't think I want to make that mistake again. It makes me wonder how I ever got use to that weather.

Today marks the 15th year me and my family have moved to America. I would like to say time flies, but looking back on it, eh it really did not fly. Maybe I went through so many transitions and transformations (you know, part of growing up from a kid in to an adult) that it just registered as a damn long time in my mind. I think it went by way too quick for my parents, whom are due for their mid life crisis any day, now that the kids are for the most part grown and independent. Nonetheless I am eternally grateful that my family decided to bring my along to this wonderful country, where I enjoy much better things and much better opportunities. But as I always say, I still prefer the atmosphere over in Asia (probably not the air pollution).

I must say that due to my workout regiment and healthy lifestyle, juggling 20 hours or work, full time school, and 15 hours of internship a week so far has not been that bad. I would be lying if I say I am not tired, but KTFO tired? Not by a long shot. And no I do not have an ounce of caffeine help either. Goes to show that if you take care of yourself well, your body can tackle anything (within reason of course - don't expect me to play World of Warcraft for 50 hours straight and expect me to still be breathing).

It is very wonderful to be working at a startup, as the vibe is just completely different from an old and entrenched business. The environment is much more flat, relaxed, open, and ultimately more productive. People have to genuinely like each other to be stuck working together for much more than 40 hours per week. The kind of team work and collaboration required means that the hierarchy walls must be invisible and ideas and information must flow. Not having to have a stick up your ass when you are around superiors also helps. Have fun and get things done I think is an appropriate motto for startups, and that is a big part of what draws me in to being an entrepreneur - working together with like minded people towards one common goal. Most importantly, be creative.

Hard to believe it is mid march already. Graduation is only a little more than two months away. But in more exciting news spring break is like two weeks away. My last spring break ever, and I will mostly likely spend a good chunk of it at my internship. I did want to travel somewhere, but my financial situation is not at a good enough place to allow for such extravagance. Then again, where would I want to go anyways? The place I do want to go is Asia, but a week is way to short to be forking over 2 Gs for plane tickets. If you ask me I better be staying for at least a month to make that plane ticket to Asia worth the money.

I am glad I started the 365 project this year and actually sticking to it (I started one last year but it was sporadic to say the least). Most likely it is because I spent $700 on a camera just to dedicate to the task, hence me being Asian I must damn sure get my money back in terms of usage. Like I have stated before, I don't get how people spend insane amount of money on things and not use it because they want to "preserve it". Perhaps they are not business majors, because other than a house (eh, probably not yet in today's times), almost anything you by is a depreciating asset so might as well get some value out of it before the things turns to the equivalent value of dust?

That being said, the 365 challenge is a fun experiment to be able to look back on what happened on a particular day, and sometimes when I see a picture I just cannot help but smile because the memory is just too vivid and great. They say a picture speaks a thousands words, and honestly even if video is dominating (hi youtube), the still picture will alway have its place as just like a painting it can be interpreted in so many ways. It is probably what drew me into photography in the first place. Video is cool and all, but you can't manipulate video as much as you can with a photography. Besides, video editing takes much more serious computing horsepower, over the already taxing photo editing (which reminds me I need a new computer).

I hate to say it but these days my room is a mess. Might not be considered a mess compared to some others, but to my standards I would say my room is quite messy. But that goes with being busy I guess. Even if I started to clean, I get distracted with the task at hand once I sit down on my absurdly comfortable chair. How did it get like this? I guess my OCD with cleanliness has finally worn off some, which is all well because honestly my old OCD used to be intense (that remote is crooked by 1 degree? must move!). But I cannot let it lapse though so I think for now a good thing for me to do is just to clean up a little before I crash into the bed for some sleep.

45 minutes times up. Until next time.