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To the beautiful you - 10 things I think


1. I am currently boycotting watching NFL games on television. After last week's cluster-fuck of events, I simply cannot continue to support a league that is so cavalier and careless with such important moral issues. I'm not sure what the impetus will be for me to reverse course, but the NFL definitely need to doing some major house-cleaning and shore up its conduct policies. 

2. It may be an utterly useless skill in a word connected by wi-fi, but I now know how to crimp and make ethernet cables. Add another bullet-point to the resume. 

3. Just devastating what happened to Giancarlo Stanton. Fast-ball straight to the face without catching any helmet and not bracing yourself is probably a batter's worst nightmare. 

4. Really though, now that Luca Di Montezemolo has officially vacated Ferrari's chairman position, can we please revert the awful 'LaFerrari' name back to its prototype designation (F150)? 

5. New York Times' expose on the death of adulthood in American culture is a fascinating read. From my perspective, even though i'm turning 27 this year, I definitely don't feel any more "adult" that I were back when I was 17. Quite strange, isn't it. 

6. There should be no need to announce you're in a relationship on Facebook - especially when you don't even name who the significant other is! Are people so full of themselves that they feel the need to be congratulated on starting a relationship? 

7. At work, people always come to the counter and/or call just when I need to leave the desk for a moment. Meanwhile, I've been sitting in the same spot for an hour and not one peep. Laws of relatively can be such a pain at times.

8. It saddens me to see people get mad or irritated over things that probably won't even matter come the following day. Let's exert our energy on positives things, or matters that will still be of consequence many months afterwards. 

9. I've persevered: I did not preorder the iPhone 6. I adore my bank accounts too much to forsake my not-even-a-year-old 5S. Curse my financial sensibilities. 

10. This: