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Being frugal is tough

I think I should blink more carefully from now on because on a particularly forceful blink yesterday I absolutely destroyed one of my contact lenses. Fragile little things. It hurt the entire time I was at work. 

I've return to super miser mode a few months ago and it's nice to see my monthly spending going back to a level not seen since I was saving up on the downpayment of my current car. Still not completely sure just exactly what I am saving up for but let's just say it's rather comforting to have something on stash, instead of blowing it on car parts and electronics like I tend to do. 

Problem is, the everyday world bombards you constantly with adverts and subtle hints to entice you to part ways with your hard earned cash. It's really tough to resist at times. No wonder consumer debt is so incredibly high and savings rate so damn low in America. Heck, the economy's heath is largely predicated on us spending all we've got. Pretty insane when you think about it.