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Climate control is awesome

In what was a tremendous Mother's Day weekend for me got bookended by a terrible case of the sore throat sickness. Obviously, it hasn't been much fun these couple of days. It's definitely passing out though so hopefully I'll be alright by the latter half of this week. 

Temperature has returned to the 90s here in San Francisco once again, which can only be described as torture. At least its forecasted that during the nighttime the mercury will come back down to sane levels, so at the very least I don't have to lie in my own sweat just to get a decent sleep going. Because you're delirious if you think we got air-con here in San Francisco. 

Air-con in the car though, is very nice indeed. Who cares if it degrades my car's already horrendous gas mileage. First world solution to nature's problem, yo. I bet there's a huge subset of people who couldn't care less about climate change because they're so used to man-made climate control in cars, building, and homes.