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Right, I've largely recovered from my brief cold, so it's just a matter of getting back into the regularly scheduled programming. Not having worked out at all the entire week has left me with palpable withdrawal symptoms. Looking forward to a hardy run round the lake this Sunday. 

Been posting lots of pictures from my venture up north a couple of week ago, and they will only keep on rolling as I edit them. I'm really happy with the photographs, and post-processing them in the newly acquired Lightroom 5 has been an absolutely joy. The sort of manipulations possible in that program is practically cheating. 

Also, I've been wanderlusting pretty bad post that trip. Sometimes you just want to get up and go, to see new things. Everyday I'm setting the foundation to allow me to do exactly that, so am fervently looking forward to the next opportunity. Got a few trips lined up for June and August, though always on the lookout to add more dates.