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EDC is not for me

Apparently EDC 2014 is this weekend in Las Vegas. How do i know? The sizable contingent of friends and acquaintances on various social media, with posts of heading towards Paradise Nevada, revealed it to me. As if the lot of them needed an excuse to make a trip to America's (adult) playground.

Dancing to electronic music with tens of thousands of people in alarmingly close proximity doesn't appear at all appealing to me, so it's a small wonder why so many people I know are making the yearly pilgrimage. Sure, Vegas provides the best mediums to abscond away from your mundane every day life, but as far as music goes, I much prefer sitting comfortably in a seat, plugging in a good set of cans to my preferred music device, and listening alone with a cup of coffee in hand.

Then there's the money issue too. Las Vegas isn't exactly cheap. From what I've experienced, being carefree with your money is the sort of mentality that is absolutely required to have fun in Vegas. Countless folded up twenties (or hundreds) slipped expertly can ensure a very good time indeed, but I rather slip them instead to my investment banker.

So it goes back to the people on my social media list that are going to EDC this weekend: just how many of you are mortgaging your future in order to have a bit of fun for three days? Basing on saving statistics of American demographics, very few of you are conserving money in general.

Not for me to criticize, simply food for thought.