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It was an interesting weekend for the most part. It marked the final two days of the 2014 World Cup, which is a bit melancholic when you think about it. Granted, fours years will undoubtedly fly by in seemingly no time until the next world tournament. Unfortunately that is to be held in Russia, so only the most hardy of fans in the United States will be willing to essentially not sleep at all to catch games during the early hours of morning.

Pass the snacks, please. 

It was also a rare weekend where I went to two Giants games. Well, two if you only look at the ticket stubs. Due to the World Cup final I had to abort the Sunday game, having only entered the ballpark to receive the bobblehead giveaway. I didn't even pay for seats - it was a standing room ticket. Quite clever, if I do say so myself. The game on Friday that I actually did stay and watch was a good one, though. The team actually won, which is a rarity of the Giants this past month.

I am miffed that I missed seeing the two grand-slams hit by Posey and Bumgarner on Sunday. Damn you, World Cup! 

A Facebook acquaintance of mine flew to Spain this week to partake in the historic running with the bulls. Tick one off the bucket-list for that guy. Personally I don't think I'd be brave enough to risk getting impaled by an angry bull many times my size. But a lesson for the younger people out there: stuff like running with the bulls is proper "you only live once" type of shit, not getting hammered with alcohol and peeing on a police car (massive cookie points if you get this albeit obscure reference).