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Why is Adobe Lightroom so slow?

Adobe Lightroom is one of worse applications in terms of proper usage of computational resources. I’ve recently upgraded to the latest 5K iMac, quite the snazzy with ‘Kaby Lake’ Intel Core i5 processors and AMD Radeon 500 series graphics, which one would think should chew through Lightroom tasks with surgical ease. 

Completely not the case.

Lightroom ran the same on my new 2017 iMac as it did on the 2014 Mac Mini it replaced(!), which is to say, inadequately slow. It’s unacceptable for a company like Adobe to be putting out products like this (Premier Pro users on the Mac platform should understand my pain), wholly unable to utilize the computational reserves to the maximum. How on earth can there still be agonizing lag when applying sharpening to my Sony A7R2 RAW files when the iMac’s got 40 gigabytes of memory and the fastest consumer flash storage yet available?

And it isn’t like I can simply switch to another editing platform. Apple has long abandoned it’s once glorious Aperture app, and my blood isn’t rich enough for Capture one. At least Adobe has recently (finally) acknowledge the utter slowness of Lightroom and is supposedly working hard to remedy the situation in future releases. 

Perhaps late this year, Adobe? Pretty please?