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RIP Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington, melodic front-man of legendary band Linkin Park, committed suicide. 

I haven’t been this crushed over a celebrity death since Robin Williams’ unfortunate passing, and in such similar way that Robin also couldn’t handle the weight of the world and had to kill himself, it’s just immensely sad. The only good thought I can possibly conjure up is that I wish Chester found the peace he sought. 

As Robin’s death ripped away a piece of my childhood, Chester’s untimely passing achieved the same miserable result. Linkin Park’s music got me through much of my teenage years, through all the angst, frustration, and confusion. The lyrics Chester belted was the figurative chicken soup to my teenage soul. No memory for me was more vivid than listening to ‘In the End’ repeatedly on September 11th, 2001, because on that morning I was cloistered in a middle school classroom with 30 other kids, confused as to why the World Trade Center is burning. 

Rest in peace, star.