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Words in digital form

With the advent of digital readers such as the iPad, the way people read books, magazines, and periodicals has changed from the analog medium to one that is entirely digital. For sure it saves the planet infinite amount of trees if the entire production of the aforementioned reading material goes from paper to ones and zeros.

I have tried viewing books and magazines in digital form. I must say for magazines it is great. Most of the time I skim through them anyways. Then I throw it away thus saving me a lot of waste when I can just download them in the PDF format to view them. Not to mention magazines are a full color large format thus it looks absolutely fantastic on a large monitor.

As for books, err not so much. Sure it is just as much of a ease to read them in the digital format as is magazines, but something about having the actual book in my hands still feels much more substantial. Beside, nothing shows you are well read to others when they visit your home and see bookshelf filled with books. You can't really do that with your iBookshelf now can you?

Newspapers you say? I get my news online ever since I got an internet connection. Never was a fan of the ink stain on your finger newspaper form of news delivery.