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Thoughts after annual check-up

So I had my annual checkup today, and I am proud to say I am above average in terms of health condition. These past four years of stringent diet and a constant exercise program is paying off (in more ways than one). It is really not all that difficult to be and stay healthy thus it baffles me to see people that are not. Do not think that medicinal technology will magically extend your life. Prevention is always better than remedies after the fact.

As the constant observer as I, there are a few things that I have notice while I was at the clinic that is just baffling:

  • Hey idiot! what part of no cell phones do you not understand?!
  • It's usually counterintuitive to put someone at reception who is an absolute bitch.
  • Why is the guy that is late for his appointment get to jump me who is otherwise on time?
  • Hey doc, don't be so surprise at how healthy I am. What, are most of your patients on the verge of chronic illness?
  • Don't give me an awkward attitude when I refuse to speak Chinese (it was a Chinese clinic). I know the American school system uses English to teach so I know you speak English well.