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The war on sodium

Sugar is not the problem anymore. You know what is prevalent problem these days in the American diet? Sodium. For the non educated type, that means the common salt. Who convinced the mainstream eateries out there that ungodly amount of sodium is the proper way to cook food? Everything is just so salty these days and is void of their natural flavors.

But that is not the major sticking point. All the intake of sodium just makes a person wants to drink water ceaselessly. Recently I had breakfast at an ihop ordering the usual breakfast food. For the rest of the day I could not stop drinking water for I was just constantly thirsty. And it is not like you piss it all out either, because sodium causes the body to RETAIN water thus you will look bloated (not good ladies)

And you wonder why Chinese people tell you that the food at restaurants is largely way different that authentic home cooked Chinese food. Not because the ingredients are different, but its the way they season the food (or lack of). All they do at Chinese restaurants is fry the food (yes even veggies get a oil bath, notice how shiny they are) and add MSG (see, a sodium that taste even better!).

This has to stop. I don't want to not enjoy the great human societal joy of eating out just because more and more there are just not anything kosher to eat.

For sure I'm not saying go gorge on some ice cream (I wish), because eating tons of sugary products (or it is not even sugar, it is more often than not corn) will still make you obese and have large risk of diabetes.